Death Toll: Turnpike ( Part 1 )

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Diana's POV
I woked up Nick by shouting good morning in his ears. Yep! Im in a good mood today because there's a lot of guns in the truck!! "Good Moring." He said rubbing his ear. "Lets wake up the others!" I said. "You go." He said and headed to the boxes. "Good Morning guys!!" I shouted at them. "Jesus! Youre in such a good mood!!" Zoey said. "Yep!" I said and we walked to the boxes. I grabbed my katana , rifle m60 , grenade launcher , adrenaline , first aid kit , pills , and second pistol. The others grabbed the same things as me. "Lets roll." I said. They nodded and they followed my lead. I heard someone coughing. "Smoker." Nick said. He was behind me. Smoker made his tongue come at me. I noticed it and i jumped to it. "Nice try." I whispered. He tried it again and again and i was dodging it again and again then i shot him and he turned into smoke. "That was cool." Ellis said. I blushed. "Thanks. I did that stunt while i was back at my treehouse that dad made me when i was 6." I said. "Bill said that you never called him father , dad , or daddy. Why?" Zoey asked. "It just nit fit him and i'll call him father whenever i want." I said. She reloaded her ak-47. "Lets continue." Nick said. I lead them to an blocked bridge. "Great. Its blocked!" Ellis said. I saw the other way and we walked to it and encountered zombies. Dozens of them. We smirked and shooted them till they run out. They were eliminated and i was still smirking. "Keep that smirk i like it." Nick said. I dropped the smirk and sided smile him. He smiled too. I felt the bullet that nick shot at me in the thigh. I fell on my knees almost crying because it hurts. "Are you alright?" Bro ( Ellis ) asked. "No. My t-thigh it h-hurts." I said and cried. Im such a crybaby. Earlier i was just smrking and smiling now im crying? Nick carried me and wiping my tears away with his thumb. We started looking for the safehouse and we saw nothing but zombies and empty rooms. We saw a room with a couch but without a door and started walked inside. Ellis and Zoey stayed outside the door to guard us. Me and Nick stayed inside and sat at the couch. Im dropping alchohol at it slowly. Every drop a tear fell on my cheek. It hurts so much you know!! "Is it okay now?" Nick asked. "No." I said. I finished dropping alchohol. It hurts not too much now. "Im okay now. Lets go." I said. "Are you sure? Can you walk?" Zoey asked. "Yes. But run no." I said. Nick will carry me if we're gonna run. "Lets roll again." Ellis said and we continued walking. We encountered a female boomer. "What in world?! Boomer has a wife?!" Ellis yelled. The female boomer vomited on him and ran away. We laughed at Ellis who was covered in boomer vomit. "What's so funny?!" He shouted. We stopped laughing then one smoker , one hunter , and one boomer cornered us. If we attack smoker hunger will pin one of us. If we attack hunter smoker will constrict us. If we attack boomer the two others will attack us. What are we gonna do?!

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