sister love

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Abrianna p.o.v

After I got dressed (outfit on the left) I went to pick up Nijah. So I hopped in my car and left.

T'Nijah p.o.v

Finally my on p.o.v! But let me go on. So I was waiting on Abrianna so i hurried and changed into (outfit on right) and sat down on my phone. I noticed the picture bri posted of Chresanto on insta and liked it. I decided to show Elijah before I go. "Elijahhhhh"! "What"! "Come here". "Ughh". I then heard him come downstairs. "Yes u called". "Look". I showed him the pic. He looked at and held his composer. "You showed me this why". He said annoyed, I knew he liked her. "No reason bye". After two minutes I heardhim talking.

Elijah p.o.v

I decided to call Abrianna to see wat this pic about.





BRI-Why are yo calling me

ELIJAH-A nigga can't call his friend

She asked annoyed

ELIJAH-You and Cresent go out
I said messing his name up on purpose.

BRI-Chresanto and yes now why, you go out with De'Lyric


BRI-ok then bye nigga
She said hanging up 


I let out a frustrated sigh. I guess I'm going to have to get her back and I got just the person. That's when I heard the doorbell ring. "Elijah can u get that I'm busy". I got up and ran downstairs to open the door and guess who I  saw. If u guessed Abrianna you are correct. "Hi bri". She rolled her eyes and walked passed me. She looked sexy asf. Curves in all  the right places!"Where is my sister"? I smirked. "She's not your sister unless were married". I said still smirking. "Elijah shut cause 1.I got boyfriend 2.I don't like you 3.I can't stand you so no". I could tell she was liein in the second one cuz when she lie she scrunch up her nose. " OK bri". I was about to say something else but T'Nijah walked downstairs. "I'm ready". "Thank you". Bri said sighing. Imma get her back watch. They just walked outside. So decided to call Jacob.






ELIJAH-Aye you wanna come ova

JACOB-Sure I'm on my way

ELIJAH-Ight I'll see you when you get here


Abrianna p.o.v

I'm still wondering why Elijah asked if me n Chres go out n I know that nigga got his name wrong on purpose. Well let me have my fun. Right we at the mall. "Can we eaaatt now"?. Nijah asked pulling my arm. I rolled my eyes. "Fine let's go". So we let FUN.(made up) and went to the food court. I went to subway and she went to panda express. We said we'll meet up at the table behind us. I sware when I looked to my right I saw TAHAJ.


Did she see Tahaj or was it someone else?   

What is Elijah going to do to get bri back?

Does bri still like Elijah?

Lot questions to be answered next time.

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