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Jadah Pro.

I wake up and see no August, instead i see a note where he was laying.

Morning Beautiful,
Im sorry i had to leave you and i will not be able to pick you up from the hospital. I have a big surprise when you get home Anna picked you out and dress to wear be ready by 10am. There will be a driver outside waiting for you. I'll see you at home. I love you.
-Papi August

I chuckle to myself from the letter and look at the time reading 9:13. I am so ready to leave this hospital and EAT! I look at the dress Anna picked out for me it was gorgeous it was a white lace long dress that had a slit on the side. I wonder what was going on later that i needed to have a formal attire for.

I start taking my shower thinking about what i will happen later on. Maybe we will just go out to dinner and then have a sexual night later. During this pregnancy I have been very Sexually Frustrated, and August wont help me saying that it will feel uncomfortable. Like What The Fuck!

I step out the shower put on a black lace thong and bra set. then lotion my body and my Japanese Cherry blossom Perfume August Loves so much.

I put on my dress struggling to get it over my big belly. After getting it over I check the time and see that its ten till 10 so I quickly did my makeup to a natual look with a peachy lipstick.

I was done so I decided to take a quick selfie and post it on instagram.

Finally out of this Hell Hold called a hospital. So ready to eat!

I turn my notifications off knowing they would be going on non stop. I walked to the lobby checking out then walk outside seeing my driving stand outside a all white limo holding a white rose.

"Hello Mrs.Alsina, this was from your husband."

He gave me the rose and i stepped inside. August must have told the driver that we were married. He plays to many games. I dont see a ring in my finger. . . . . YET.

August Pro.

I just got a text from my driver that He has Jadah and everything is already set. Jadah's family is here and if course they saw the decorations wondering what was going on, i told them about her being pregnant and to my surprise they were happy but when i told them we were having triplets there mouths dropped.

Right now They are helping me get the food outside. Jadah thinks that she will be good going back to her old condo but she is really going straight to the party and finding the gender of or babies. Im so nervous I just want everything to go as planned.

Jadah Pro.

We just passed by my condo and im so confused were am i going.

We pull up to this huge mansion ad it is beautiful. The driver gets out and opens my door and i see August wearing all white ( polo shirt, white joggers, and air forces.)

I jump in his arms and kiss him passionately.

"Surprise" He whispers in my ear.

I turn round and see my while family holding signs saying .

A princess and two princes waiting to be brought to the castle.
Decorated with one pink ballon and two blue.

"Omg! Mommy!"

i run up to her giving her a huge hug. She gives me a kiss on my cheek and strokes my hair.

"Why didnt you tell me?"

"I was scared, you would be disappointed"

"Dont be scared to tell me anything, i will always love you no matter what. Plus ive always wanted grandchildren."
she says while chucking.

I smiled seeing how proud she looked at me. Thats why i love her she always knows what to say and will always be there for me.

August Grabs my hand and leads me to the back yard having decorations everywhere looking beautiful. I was so grateful for August and all the things he does for me he really is the right one for me.


Half way into the party it was finally time to eat. Ive been waiting all day for this moment. We say our prayers and everyone starts lining up to get there choice of food i was first of course and I decide to get everything that was laid out in front of me. Fried Chicken,grilled chicken, barbecue ribs, backed beans, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, greens, blacked eyed peas, cornbread, and a side of desserts, red velvet cake, cinnamon rolls and my favorite peach cobbler. Looking at all of the food made my mouth water.

After grabbing all of my food i sat down at the end of the table which had a nicely decorated chair made for a queen to sit. Not so long after August came with his food sitting next to me.

"Thank You Baby, for everything." I said grabbing his face and kissing is forehead.

"No problem babe, but thats all i get?"

I pulled him close to me and whispered in his ear. "Just wait till later" i winked at him and he smirked then continued eating.

I stabbed my fork into my mac and cheese and dug in. Then suddenly feeling a hand oh my thigh, I looked at August and he gave me a sexual grind.

"Dont" i mouth and he just started chucking keeping his hand where it is. After about two more bites into chicken August hand started to rise up my dress and he touched my sensitive spot he knows about. I looked at him and he was just eating his food as if he wasn't doing anything. Until he raised his hand up to inside my panties rubbing against my pearl. I was trying so hard not to moan with all of my family at the table.

"Honey, what are you names you've picked out for the babies" my mom asked at i time i am getting pleasured by my man.

"Uhh-hmm I thought about u uh Isa-abellaaa for the girl." i said slipping out a few moans. Hoping that no one else would talk to me August puts in his finger and starts twirling it inside my pearl.

I let out a deep breath signaling him to stop he doesnt do anything chuckle and puts in another finger and sticking it in and out of me.

"FUCK!" i yell scaring my family at the table.

"Honey whats wrong?" my grandmother Rose says worried.

"Yeah whats wrong babe?" August says with a smirk on his face.

"Nothing just one of the babies kicked."

"I wanna feel! Auntie Honey can I?" My step sister Kiyah's son Austin asked.

"Sure baby come this way" Austin jumped out of his chair and ran to me, making August move his hand and lick them not leaving one spot.

"Eww that fells nasty" Austin yells.

"They're telling you hi, are you going to say hi?"

"Hi babies come out so you can play with me!"

Everyone at the table laugh and then proceeds to eating their food.


The party just ended and I was waiting for August to hurry so we could go home.

"August come on lets go, my feet hurt and im tired."

"Go where?" he says looking confused.

August Pro.

"Home Nigga!" jadah says to me.

Ohh Yeah the last surprise.

"Follow me inside real quick."
I grab Jadah's hand and take her inside the house and walk her upstairs outside of the nursery.

"I forgot the last surprise."
I open the door and Jadah just stood there with her mouth open.

"Welcome Home!"

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