Chapter 12 Questions

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(2 months later)

Tyler's POV:

"Are you like bipolar or something?" I raise an eyebrow. Barbie was laying on the floor staring at her phone while her two thumbs tap on the screen.

"I don't know maybe?" She replied.

She's been acting weird lately, for example she's happy all of the sudden then mad then suddenly wanting to do it on the roof, when she clearly said we can't have sex. I don't understand girls at all.

"Hey Tyler, can you give me a piggy back ride?"

I give her a look. The 'what the hell is wrong with you' look. Barbie's dad and my mother has been going out a lot lately and is rarely in the house anymore, but we still have Milly. Eyeing us like a hawk. She creeps me out, damn. I can seriously feel her eye balls drilling holes in the back of my neck. I turn my head slightly and there she is right behind the door from the kitchen. Half her body out half her body in, so I literally see her as she's been cut in half..just staring at me. I cringe.

"..Tyler piggy back ride now!" She groans.

"You're so damn needy." I roll my eyes. I lazily get up from the couch and place my phone on the table. I pull my pants up because they tend to inch down when I sit. I see Barbie's eyes shift from my pants to my eyes.

She's so obvious. I crouch down and put one knee on the ground.

"Okay get on." I sigh. "But don't do it so-.."
Too late. She literally drops kick me with her ass. I instantly drop on the ground with a loud thud. This is why I never give her piggy back rides.

I felt a sharp pain around my lower back as I tried to get up but soon regretted it. I fell back on the ground. I hear Barbie laughing hysterically on the ground next to me rolling back and forth.

"You know I'm getting you back right?" I say as I rub my back still on the ground.

"Try me." Barbie sits up with her legs crossed. I quickly glance at the door frame where Milly was standing and saw that she wasn't there. Good.

"I believe I've had a bunch of times." I daringly got up and smirked. I still felt the sharp pain on my back back I ignored it. Barbie's eyes widen in disbelief and her jaw drops, I see her hand fly onto her mouth.


I don't get how she's still embarrassed about the stuff we did but I find it really cute that she does.

"Ahem." A raspy low voice coughs.

Shit. I really hope that's not who I think it is. God I should really shut up and think before I speak. I look at Barbie eyes still widened and shocked. But then I see her quickly get up and run in front of me. I turn around and see that Barbies hugging this tall dirty blonde male. His arms wrapped around her waist and hers above his shoulders.

"Who the hell is this?" I said coldly as I stood up. I placed one of my hands in my pockets leaving the right out, moving slightly. I do this when I'm impatient. Barbie breaks the hug and looks down at my hand then to me.

"Tyler..." Barbie pauses and gives me a look. "This is my friend Matt, Matt this is Tyler." She introduces him to me.

Friend? I never knew anyone named Matt, although we were broken up for some time.

"Hey bro what up?" Matt extends his hand to shake mine. I ignore it.

"When did you come in? I didn't hear a knock?" I ask. He lowers his eyes to the ground then looks at Barbie.

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