Waking up

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"GRROOAAN..." Ugh I'm up and I have to get out of bed. And go to WwWwWW... WwWW... WORK! "Sigh" I say as I get up out of bed I walk into my kitchen that's in my little apartment that's on the 276th floor that's in this huge apartment building that's in this giant city called LEGO city. So I'm in my kitchen and I look what's here to eat. There's nothing good so I decide to pick up something at the doughnut shop so I go and put my clothes on, first my hair, then my torso then my pants then my shirt and finally, my hands. Then I go to the elevator and... What luck! It's empty! I step into it and all of a sudden the doors close on my leg. I try to pull it out, and then...pop! My leg falls off. "Aw man! Not again" I say. And so I am hopping on one foot until the elevator gets to the ground and the doors open up. My leg falls out of the doors finally. I put it back on and walk out the door. I go into the parking lot and find my car has fallen apart. "Rgh!" I mutter I put down my suit case and start to put the bricks back together. It's no use I don't know how to build a car. All I can build are houses and buildings... Well I don't actually BUILD them I actually only design them and then I give it to the workers so they can build it. So I guess I will have to take the bus... I look at my watch to see when the bus will be coming. It comes in 15.7 seconds!!! I run as fast as I can to the bus stop. And I made it just in time. The bus is just arriving at the bus stop. I step onto it and it's jam-packed! It is filled with minifugures every where. The only place I can stand is on the bottom step. I better get off on the next stop, because if this bus gets one more minifugure on it, this entire bus will blow! So we are driving down 45th street, and we finally make it to the next bus stop, and there's a lot of minifugures there, so as soon as the doors open I rush out and a bunch of other people on the bus do to, so we all run into all the other people that are getting on the bus. I finally get out of the crowd and I am standing right in the front of my favorite doughnut shop. Good! I'm starting to get hungry. I rush in and there is a not that bad of a line. As I'm stepping into the line one guy that is standing behind me says "Hey, what's the big idea of cutting in line!" "This is were the line starts, isn't it?" I say. "No, the line starts down there!" He says as he points to another line that is outside. I walk out to see how large it is. It Is huge!! It goes all the way down all the way to brick street!!! There's no way I'll have time for that, but than I see an empty taxi driving down the street. "Hey! Hey! Taxi!" I yell as I walk over to the corner. He stops at the corner were I'm standing, but crashes into a trash can that's right near me. Oh-no. It's one of these crazy drivers. I step into the cab and he says "we're to, partner?!" "Um, to the brick tower please" I say. By the way I work at the brick building witch is an office building to design cars, houses, buildings, airplanes, all sorts of LEGO structures. "Sure thing buddy!" He yells as he spits onto the passenger's seat. I'm glad I'm not sitting there. He jerks the car forward and is driving down the street super fast. "Mind if I smoke?" He yells over the loud music he's playing "Um well I'm sorta allergic to toba..." He cuts my words off." Thanks!!" He yells. Even though I was about to say that I'm allergic to tobacco. He starts puffing smoke all over the cab. I start coughing and sneezing and can barely breathe! I can't take it anymore. "Thanks! Goodbye!" I say, and I throw him his money and jump out of the cab. I fall onto the street and cars are honking and rushing around me. I quickly run onto the sidewalk, huffing and puffing and gasping for air. Few! I thought I was going to die! I look at my watch to see the time, it's 6:48. Uh-oh. I better get to work, I am supposed to be there by 7:00. But I can see my building from here, and I could walk to it. So I start to walk to my building already coughing and sneezing, have an empty stomach, and am bruised and cut. What a nice way to start out the day.

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