the tweet

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Brianna point of veiw

I was in the car and i got a notification that taylor tweeted that there is big news and i couldn't stop smiling. I ran into my house and tested my friend Aliyah telling her i would take a screenshot of what he said i have been saving money for a long time so i could meet taylor but my friend and i texted for a while it felt like 1000 days until he tweeted it and i heard the whistle go of on my phone and i saw the tweet it said that he is going to digi tour. So i texted Aliyah what it said and i told my mom hey mom i said hi brianna umm can i ask you something yes

But why did i hear screaming coming from your room well this is exactly what i was going to ask you umm digi is only 25 dollars a ticket and Taylor caniff is going to be there and Aliyah and i really want to go well brianna is it in southern California not exactly he isn't coming to anywhere in California well then we can't go. Ok i said and walked to my room and thinking about how i am going to tell my friend that we couldn't go i mean we thought we could go to Tucson Arizona for his rv tour but we couldn't to bad

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