Kyotsuki's POV:

Man I'm so happy!! Being with Okaa-san yesterday was a--- "Kyotsuki.. We're going now.. Spanner and the others found something on your Time Jumper.." Uncle Reborn interupted. I gave him a weird look as I saw Uncle Tsuna appear by his own door's room (Author's Note: That time before everything, Kyotsuki was inside Tsuna's room, doing her assignment while thinking of how happy she was with Kyoko) wearing his usuals. "It is urgent Kyotsuki-chan.. We might know when will you return to your time!" Uncle Tsuna said and smiled at me.

I looked at him and nod.


"Oh hello.. Vongole.. Miss Future Girl.." Spanner greeted and did some typing on his laptop. He's always like this. "Tell us if you guys already had a solution on Kyotsuki's return home.." Uncle Reborn said and jumped on Uncle Tsuna's head. Giannini looked at him and replied "It appears to me that it. Has a countdown.." "A Countdown..?" We trio (Me, Uncle Tsuna and Uncle Reborn) said in an unison.

Spanner took out a stick of an empty Lollipop and took another one out saying "It's something that starts on the day she got here.. And to my estimation.. You've got 141 Days here.. But that countdown already started on Vongole's Birth Day.. So that means..?" cutting off and pointed me the lollipop's tip. "So that means I've wasted 4 days here and all there's left for me is.. 137 MORE DAYS!?" I halfly shouted. He nods and said "Great.. You're catching up on me.. Moving on.." And so a long discussion starts.


After Spanner and Giannini's explanation, we're now back to the usuals.. Inside Uncle Tsuna's Room. "Starting this day on, try to countdown your days here by a journal.." Uncle Reborn suddenly suggested and left without a word. I just let out a deep sigh and lie down on the floor. "137 Days more huh..?" Uncle Tsuna said and sat down on his bed.

I just looked at the ceiling and replied "Yeah.. 137 Days of waiting..". Actually that's quite sarcastic. Uncle Tsuna just looked around and all of the sudden, he gave me a smile saying "Let's buy you a Notebook.. So that you could write the things you did here.. Plus always remind you the days you'll lost after.." "Well, that's not a bad idea.." I replied and so, we went out shopping.


Tsuna's POV:

"Tell me if you already choose one.." I told Kyotsuki as I followed her. She smiled and let out a thumbs up. We were on a convinient store, something like a book store. It took us almost a while till she choose a book that's color Pink and a Golden Orange writings says 'Dear Diary'. "I choose this one, Tsuna-kun.." Kyotsuki said and smiled at me. I felt my face hot but shook it and brought the notebook.

After we brought it, we went straight home. Everything seems normal except the reason why my face heat up whenever she smiles. I mean, I always blush when I saw Kyoko's smile but to hers..? Maybe my mind's just playing with my heart.. "Too bad, I thought she'll get home soon enough.." I said to Reborn as everyone was fast asleep. Reborn drank his espresso as he said "What can we do..? Maybe she met a very genius person to make her go here in time on purpose.." "What do you mean, Reborn..?"


Kyotsuki's POV:

"Might as well start writing on this notebook.." I told myself as I took out the notebook Uncle Tsuna brought me.


Day 136; October 18

Hahahaha~ Hey Diary.. It's me, Kyotsuki Sasagawa.. Kyoko Sasagawa's daugther. Well, I'm a bit nervous about writing something onto you. Anyways, I just wanted to say.. I'm so happy to have spend times with my Mom! She's still nice.. Kind.. Friendly.. The same old Mom. Now this makes me want to go home. I miss mom.. The mom that knew I was her daugther.

But, I've made myself a promise.. A promise I wanted to fulfill to my mom's future. You'll see mom.. I'll change your fate.


"I should have not waste this WONDERFUL moment Future Spanner-san gave me!!" I told myself and smiled as I closed the diary and went to sleep. On this day on, I'll make Uncle Tsuna realize how much Mom's special to him.


Coming Up NEXT to Problem 9: KYOTSUKI'S PLAN, START!

"Well, Let's at least enjoy every moment we have with Kyotsuki!" Kyoko said happily.
"Come on~ Work Master Plan!" Kyotsuki muttered to herself.
"It seems like I'm starting to.." Tsuna told himself while lying on his bed.

"You're Kyoko's future daugther, am I right..?"

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