Chapter Five:
When the opposite collides, it's either they join forces or they kill each other.


Voltage Stanford P.O.V.

I was walking down the hallway with my hands in my pocket when a piece of paper appeared in front my face. I stared at it, what does she need from me?

I threw the paper away and walked in a faster pace. I passed many students and they still greet me, sorry everyone, I have to see the Headmistress.

I stopped in front of the door of her office. I knocked politely and waited for her response.

" Come in, Voltage." Her voice monotone. The Headmistress is always like this, uhm maybe not always. You just have to get used to her serious tone at some times.

" I want you to guide and teach Miss Aubrey Stanford how to control her magic." I coughed. What did she just said? Me? Teach a newbie? Sorry I've got zero patience.

" Are you joking, Arianna?" I stood up from the couch and faced her. She looked at me, but she can't keep eye contact.

" Volt, come on. I know you'll teach her, because you two are connected by blood." I scoffee. She must be joking, I don't even know that girl. We don't even have a sister, there's no such thing as 'we're connected by blood'. The Royal family of Astarte Region doesn't even have a Royal Princess.

" What do you mean?" I asked her. But she was about to open her mouth when someone knocked on the door. Tss, disturbance.

" Come in, please." Arianna spoke in a private manner with her eyes focused on the doors. I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

" What do you need, Headmistress?" Zayne Ravensheart, the guy I despise is here in this room. I gritted my teeth. He shouldn't be here.

" Same old Zayne. Never learned how to be polite, huh?" Arianna eyed him suspiciously and put her index finger on Zayne's chest.

" What do you want?" Arianna narrowed her eyes and scoffed. She sighed and looked at both of us.

" The two of you will help Aubrey Stanford in discovering her magic, AM I CLEAR?!" She emphasized the three last words which made me shiver because of her sharp tone. I looked at Zayne's reaction.

" What?! That spoiled brat?!" Zayne hissed. Something's different with him, what is it?

" I didn't tell you to speak, Mr. Ravensheart. Now, I'm repeating myself, AM I CLEAR?!" Arianna's voice was sharp and better yet agree. If not, well goodluck to me. I wouldn't wish this dimwit a goodluck if ever.

" Yes, Headmistress." We both half-bowed and left her office peacefully.

" Be there tomorrow or else." I glared at him and walked passed him. I put my hands on my pocket and I didn't even bother looking back at him.

" Tss." The only response I got from him until he disappeared into thin air. I combed my hair using my fingers and

" I can't believe I'll be in a training room, with a electric user like you." He frowned and walked away. I stopped on my tracks and shook my head. I never trained a transferee before.

I cursed under my breath and went back to my class.

If we fail tomorrow, Arianna would literally kills us both.

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