Chapter Four.One:
Vampires are mythical creatures who are active at night, sucking blood from the living.


Zayne Ravensheart P.O.V.

I fixed my hair one last fvcking time. I always hated the black strands of my hair, it's better if it's pure red. Flaming red.

" Hey Flame brain, Mr. El Brittannia will surely kill you if you don't eat breakfast today." A rival of mine showed up at my door. Wait, should I say at our dorm? I'm stuck up with a Frost head, the Headmistress strictly teamed me up with an opposite Element User.

I melted her billion dollar marble table last year, so maybe, that's my punishment and I don't fvcking care. I can replace it with a new one, but she didn't listen to my offer and instead, she moved my name to Room 305 to learn my lesson. And hell, my hell of a roommate was an Ice user.

" Wow. A Frost head cares. I didn't know you had a heart." I sarcastically pointed out.

His name was Ice McQuillen, he's in the same grade as me and we're both rivals at all things. Just saying. We fight over worthless things, and professors are wasting their voices on us. What the fvck, they can't do anything.

He scowled and left the door open. I sighed in annoyance because seeing his ice blue hair makes me sick. Really.

I lazily stood up and grabbed my bag from my bed and walked out of the room. I scanned the hallway and poof. No sign of Mr. El Brittannia. Okay, time to disappear.

I turned my back on our door and I was at the moment of disappearing into thin air when someone gripped my left shoulder and turned me down.

I hit the back of my head, good thing I didn't black out. But what the fvck is going on?!

" Planning to use your magic huh?" Professor Zed or should I address him Mr. El Brittannia stared at me. His eyes glaring at me, okay. Should I be afraid?

" Oh you should be young man." He handed his hand out to me which I refused to take. I stoody up on my own and started to walk away with my hands in my pockets.

I stared down at the carpeted hallway. Glittering diamond chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the irritating sun rays coming from the half-covered windows. Ugh, it makes me sick!

" See ya Professor!" I smiled mischievously and ran away from him. I used my vampire abilities to escape him but he was just too damn good to find me and seriously, that man just catched up with me?!

" Stop running young man, you're 100 years too early to outrun me." He smirked and punched me at the stomach which made me run slower but still, I stayed away from him.

I entered the east wing of the academy where the Royal Dining Hall is located and there's no one except-----

I slowed down the moment I saw her.

The girl has ombre hair, a combination of chestnut brown with rich strawberry pink color at the tips. The scent was addicting and it's making my throat go dry. Fvcking dry. I stopped and hid at the corner.

I collapsed on the carpeted floor, holding my neck. My fangs are visible and sh!t, my eyes turned bloody red. I groaned at the scent. I've seen thousands of girls everyday but that girl's scent was different. Something that makes me want her.

" Can't resist her, young man? Do you know that young lady?" He smirked. No, I don't know her. This is the first time I saw her here.

" Ugh," I gritted my teeth in annoyance. The smell won't leave me. And its fvcking killing me in thirst. " Who is she?!" I asked him.

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