Evergreen Dreams II

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The chatter and the running feet of children were only murmurs to Rapunzel as the distance between her and her beloved kingdom grew. She made no second thought and proceeded to march her way through the tree maze with the company of many critters that were habitants of the area. The cloak she wore dragged begin her and close to her heels, sliding over the surface of the earth provided her the warmth that would keep her comfortable through the approaching afternoon.
Several hours after leaving the kingdom's ground, the petite brunette had walked at least a kilometer and a half deep into the forest that stood outside Corona. Her delicate hands slipped into the woven basket that she carried by her side and pulled out a butter knife and a slice of cheese. Twilight had touched the earth, sending a cool breeze across all land that touched the water. She unwrapped the slice from the white square cloth it had been preserved in and cut a wee portion out of it. Rapunzel ate it with gusto. It had crossed her mind that, eventually, she would run out of food and return to the kingdom. The thought wasn't appealing to the princess since she had just set off on the venture of exploring outside ground ever since the returning of the "Lost Princess" four years ago. Even though she was granted freedom, she wouldn't not be allowed off kingdom ground unless authorized and accompanied by a guard, Eugene, or a parent of hers. If she had endured the days with Eugene as her guide to see the lanterns, she was confident that she would make it back alive.
"Back?" She came to a halt," alive?" Again, this wouldn't appeal to her. Perhaps she had seconds thoughts; maybe leaving that tower was the correct decision,- and probably the best decision I've ever made- however, what would've happened if Eugene or I had left each other in the dust, never marrying? The girl shook the sudden rush of short lived adrenaline and continued on her walk.
Tired, Rapunzel set off for the night, building a small shelter with a petty fire to keep her extra warm and give her a feeling of comfort and safety. She slept through the night, woken up at dawn. She no longer felt the hearth of the fire that she had hoped to had endured through the night, instead, she felt the cold damp ground. The small, bony fists of the girl balled up, holding a cold, some-what soft substance. It wasn't mud for sure, but something that she had not experienced for far too long every winter. Rapunzel's hazel eyes fluttered open to see a surprising scene lay out just before her own eyes.
The ground glittered, the early Sun's reflecting rays scattered across the sky. It seemed so sudden and so beautiful- breath taking.. "You've grown so... Much," a voice broke the silence of the morning. Rapunzel halfway rolled to the left, facing a boy who reflected the soul of the the winter months. Winter Spirit? He stood above her, his legs at either side of her, inspecting her like how a child would, hanging from a tree above. Rapunzel's eyes squinted, cocking her head as she furrowed her eyebrows. Shortly after that, the white haired, cloaked boy gasped in a frightened expression.
There was no damp, snow-covered ground when she had woken up at no more than eight o'clock. She rolled over but found nothing either; no boy was to be found standing above her. A curse shot out under her breath, scowling at the enchanting dream that she had just experienced. In less than thirty minutes, she had gathered her belongings and collected the over left twigs, tying them up to be used as kindling for the next night's fire. Flashes of the previous night's dream flooded her head, of the Winter Spirit's delicate, cerulean eyes.

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