" There's untamed electricity, coursing through his veins, and it shocks you every time you kiss him, but my God it's worth the pain. " -e.h


Voltage Nix Stanford

" Bro! Open up!" I closed the book I'm reading and put down my reading glasses on the table beside me. How many times should I remind this goon that he should address me formally?

" Not until you address me formally! Do you want to get scolded again for calling me by my name?!" I stated. Oh he got into troubles because he was used in calling me by my first name, he couldn't call me that here. Only at the castle and I'm with them. Well, secretly. Her Majesty the Queen or should I call my Mother the Queen, taught us to be proud of our titles. And I'm not proud of it at all, who would want to be called by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Electricity? Cringe.

" Oh! Your Royal Highness, can you open this door? Did you forgot that we are roommates afterall?" I rolled my eyes and tried not to zap him with electricity. The sarcastic moron really fancies to annoy me in such ways!

" I'm messing with you, Your Royal Highness!" He shouted again. I lazily opened the doors, and let him in.

" Stop with the formality, it makes me want to puke." God, I hate being called 'Your Royal Highness', in the castle, well I need to accept the fact that I need to act with elegance and discipline or else Her Majesty the Queen will send me back to Royal Etiquette Lessons.

" Whatever, Volt. I have news!" He exclaimed and hooked his arm over my shoulder and showed a hologram. I raised my brow at him. What is this?

" Well, guys are talking about the mysterious transferee. Uhm, most of the students actually. Maybe 99.9% of the male student body of Grey Academy." He laughed. Mysterious transferee? Who could she be to be this popular?

" What are you trying to say?" I asked him, removing his arm from my shoulder. He smirked and opened the hologram.

" That's not it, bro." Tumawa siya ulit. Ano na? Why do I have to entertain this crazy man?

" Then what are you trying to tell me?" Tumaas ang kilay ko. Napuno ako ng kuryosidad nang magsalita siya.

" An article showed up at the Daily Wizardry Magazine about the transferee. Here take it a look, Volt." Nanlaki ang mga mata ko. That transferee, she seems weird to me. Bakit ganoon?

' AUBREY STANFORD: Having the mysterious similarity to Queen Audrianna Stanford, she has been mistaken to be the lost daughter of Queen Audrianna and King Charles, a rumor itself. Also resembles the 3 Kings: Ace Stefan, Tristan Train and Voltage Nix. Who is this beautiful transferee?'

" Damn bro. She's very very pretty. She somewhat resembles you, and you are the Third King." I despise that title. Pati dito sa academy ay 'yan ang tawag sa akin o kila Ace o Tristan. Ano ngayon kung kamukha niya ako? Should I be bothered about it? Oh, why should I be bothered? Mother never conceived a baby girl.

Tinitigan ko pa ang ibang litrato na nakuha. Kamukha niya talaga ang Ina ko.

" Bro, let's find that girl right now." Ngumisi siya. No way, hindi ako papayag na makita 'yon. At wala akong balak na makausap siya.

" I'll pass. I have no interests on meeting that girl." Why would I even waste my time on finding that transferee?

" Come on, bro. Stop being a buzz killer. She's with the Andersen girl, you know, Claudé's younger sister. " Napatango na lang ako. Claudé is on of our best Generals, he's a good friend of mine.

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