Change your mind

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*Syn’s P.O.V.*

My hand was still resting on her neck while I was stroking with my other hand over her flat tummy. Miranda was a really beautiful girl, desired by every single man in town. I wasn’t getting tired of staring at her, looking at her flawless body or touching it softly with my hands. The more I got closer to her the more I felt the desire in me to take off that negligee and enjoying every spot by kissing and biting it. That thought was driving me insane and it was some hard work to keep it inside but maybe at some weak minute I couldn’t resist the hot temptation anymore.
It would have been a lie when I say that her full lips weren’t inviting. I know she wouldn’t allow me to kiss her or go any further but she had actually no choice. I would do what I want and when I want it. But Miranda was a little exception for me. She was my little diamond and I already had some other plan how I could win her heart for me.

“What do you want to talk about?” she surprisingly said in a calm voice as she would talk to her fiancée.

“First of all don’t you want to change your negligee? I can offer you one of my shirts” I didn’t make the intention of getting up.

Quite the contrary actually. I was getting the closest I can, stroking her side and looking her deep into the eyes. I don’t know what was happening with my mind though. I know that the flirting was part of my plan but I liked the feeling of her close to me. I never had felt feelings for anyone and I didn’t want to start with it.
I saw her struggling a little bit about the decision. I knew why she tried to convince Trevor by having sex with her. She had hoped he would be pretty dumb by removing the rope but he wouldn’t be one of my man when he was that silly. He got strict instructions and he knew how to follow it. Sadly his cock was leading him the wrong way.

“Maybe yes” she smiled salacious.

“I know your plan my lady, but no you won’t be free yet. I think I have some surprise for you later.”

Before I was leaving the room I checked the window to make sure she can’t jump out of it before I locked the door. I grinned brightly. Could it be even better?
I couldn’t wait to see her face later as soon as she finds out about the killer. She would probably be appalled when she finds out about Zacky’s real identity. She always believed in a good soul, a man that was working hard for his money but had some other side as well. I was just showing her the reality. Anything else it was up to her what to believe.

I came back with one simple black shirt. I had been wearing it years ago and by now it got too small for me now anyway. For her it should fit perfectly even I had no chance anymore to look at her wonderful boobs but might focus now on her tattooed legs. I was thinking far too much on her body and my mind was circling all around sex. I had to step back for some time and focus on my actual plan. Otherwise I would have wasted at working for some plan that changed its way before it actually begun.
So I tried to put back on that mask before I went back into the bedroom and was happy she was still lying in the bed and smiling about my return.

“I had missed you” she said ironically but still giving me that vibe that she wasn’t actually joking.

“I doubt that but sweet you mention it.”

I locked the door again and then removed the rope on her hands. I wasn’t feeling happy about it but there was no other way that she can take it on. For some reason I started trusting her. When she wants to flee she already had missed her opportunities. The time when I was lying next to her she had the chance to kick me in the groin and run outside.The door wasn’t locked that time, neither her legs were tied up.

I gave her my shirt and watched her taking off the blooded negligee and taking my black shirt I sat down on the bed again. I decided that I wouldn’t get tie her up again as long as there was no reason too. Maybe it was some good idea to give her some space and make her feel a bit more comfort.

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