Four years ago

"You got a A+ on the Chemistry test?" Anna asked, raising her eyebrow up. I nodded and Felix frowned. I couldn't really believe that I got a higher score on the final then them.

"I got a B-. I can't wait till I get home and my mum will kill me." He sighed. We walked down the sidewalk, the cold fall air breezing. Felix's mom was always strict, which I didn't really understand. Anna on the other hand was actually surprised because she studied and got a bad score.

"Well, I'm gonna start heading home." I tell the two. They groan and Anna pulls on my arm.

"Come on. Delaney and Ryan want to meet us at the skate park." Anna wines.

"Please come." Felix pouted. I sigh and my phone rings. I take my blackberry out of my pocket.

Kian's number buzzed in the caller screen.

I press the end button and shove it back in my pocket, "It's probably not a big deal." Anna smiled and we ran down the block.

"It's your fault." Aunt Marisa yelled at me. My checks were wet from the rain and the cold tears that were running down my cheek.

My mum had died in a car crash.

"I-I'm sorry." I sob, trying to stop the tears. She hits the back of my head.

"Sorry isn't going to bring back your mom." She screams, pounding her fist against the wall. She slams the front door shut, making my soaking wet from the rain.

I should've answered the phone.


3 years later

"Get out of my house!" My dad screamed to Kian. He ran out the door, his luggage dragging behind him. The door swung shut. My dad started at me.

He's been breaking down the whole year. Every day, beating up me or my brother. Kian had announced he was gay. My father not wanting to deal with him. I knew that if I talked, he would beat me up.


2 years later

My father moved away, abandoning me. I'm now under custody of my aunt. I feel alone.

I haven't heard from Kian in a year. Nobody knows if he's alive. He told me if he ever left home, he would go to New York.

I wish I went with him.

"Don't even try touching her!" Aunt Marisa screams to Jack. Jack is my Aunts husband... Well ex husband now.

"You treat her like shit Marisa!" He yells back grabbing his coat from the rack.

"Well you're not the guardian of her!" She yells louder, slapping him across the face. He holds his cheek and gets out.

That was my last time anyone has fought for me.



that was sucky. it revealed a lot about Jemma's past.

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