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What inspired this book? Futuoharry. And my friends.

Who are the characters based off? My friends and me

Who is Joey in real life? A mixture of me and other people in my Spanish class

Will Aqua and Calum get together? Yes in book two so stay tuned

What happened to Marie?
She is MIA but more of her will be in book two

Will the sequel be more drama? Yes that's a no brainier

When will you update the sequel? Undefined

Can we have a sneak peak? That's ruining the book

I love you.
Awe I love you too babes

Can we be friends?
Yes totally

Can this book be translated in any languages? Yes but private message for details

How do you write smut? Porn

Do you make your covers? Yes on a app called Wattpad covers and I use wig flip and Microsoft word 2010

How did book come to be, like how did you plan it? I had an outline but the book didn't go by the outline I just let the characters take control

I'm reading you're book Alive and Rave and you are my favorite writer.
Awe that's sweet

What does Mono Como means? Cunt Monkey

Can I have your number?
No sorry

Will there be a third book after the sequel?

Can I be a character in your next book? Yes private message me

Can I have a shoutout?
I will do dedications in sequel ok

Can I make a trailer to this book? Yes let me know so I can put it up

Who plays Aqua, Leah, and Joey? Aqua is Taissa Alexia Leah is Nina Dobrev and Joey is Dylan O'brien

Do you watch eye candy?
Yes but I missed a episode

Can you do a Magcon Fanfiction? I brought my book back Magcon:Atlanta so if you wanna read that you can

What's you're name? Mason

Does anyone from your school reads you're book? Yes a lot actually

Can you love me? I already do 😐

Will you be my Valentine Mason? Awe yes since you asked so nicely

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