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Aqua POV

"You would be so fucking stupid if you don't date Calum." Leah said scrolling through my messages between him and I.

"I mean I just hate being hurt." I said sincerly.

"But Aqua that's apart of growing up. Yes boys are stupid but we do love em." she laughed.

"Remember when me and Branson broke up?" I asked.

"Yeah who would forget that." she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah we'll it took me forever to give up on him and then I know how Calum is like when we first met he asked me about being his fuck buddy while he was dating Morgan." I said."I just don't want that to be me."

"What goes around comes around."

"Ugh Leah you're no help." I rolled my eyes.

"We'll ain't no body tell you to have sex with him multiple times while he was acting Morgan."

We sat there in silence for a few moments cause I knew she was right. I hate when she's right but she gives me the best advice when she's not thinking about Beyoncé.

Calum: will you be my girlfriend?

"Look!" Leah said shoving my phone in my face.

"Im not gonna say anything cause I said I had to think about it." I said turning my phone off.

"What more do you want from him? Babies? Marriage? Sex?" She said."Well you already have the sex but still!"

"No I want to make sure that he is serious with his decision." I said crossing my arms.

"Was the dick good?" She asked.

"I don't kiss and tell." I laughed.

"You suck, if I had a sex life I would include you with every detail and phrase." Leah laughed.

"That's not me though."


1 missed call from Calum

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You guys voted for a sequel. So I guess I will write one. But 1 more chapter and this story is over.

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