Hello everyone this is the Author i would like to tell you that luhan will be shown in the next chapter and it will be published if i had the following down at the end and pls vote for me to update ok ❤️.

And one more thing I'm so happy that krishan ( kris&luhan) finally reunited ( A/N: video in the box above.) and today is SOWK's official release (N: SOWK is kris's debut movie.) and i cant wait for luhans movie ( Miss granny or Back to 20s ) ahhh na Michigo chincha Gomawo sarangheyo yurobun( A/N: michigo= im going crazy/chincha=really/gomawo=thank u / sarangheyo=i love u/ yurobun= everyone/ im a kind author thats becuz I'm translating for u ❤️.)

(Note: in the video kris says (beybey) & luhan says (call me), ooohh so adorable now i can finally scratch this(kris & luhan reunited) and now only one is left ( EXO reunion) and my life will be complete.)💌

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