The cabins lamps were turned off,

I slipped into the covers of my upper bunk and shut my eyes while mentally re reciting AyatulQursi and the other Duas that I had managed to memorize .. Finaly some sleep!

*screams* Thud! *screams*

My heart paced as I ran out of my cabin and reached Kaylie's cabin. There was a dead crow at her door with a knife splattered in blood sticking out from it.

I clenched my fists, sighed and muttered to myself,
"Oh Allah not this again, please".


Meet, Reyhan Luqman. 19 and a senior at Westmore Highschool.

Another normal Muslim dude who holds on to his faith while trying to survive all the highschool drama.

But what happens when he and other 7 students are picked to go on a school trip where some of his friends and loved ones seem to be in danger of loosing their lives as a killer is amongst them?
Asalaam alaykum/greetings fellow wattpaders,

This is my first story here. I've tried picking a very original plot - An islamic thriller with a guy's POV, since most Muslim books here are written in a girl's POV.

Its basically story with a very different plot, tons of cliffhangers and a spicy mix up of love and death ofcoarse keeping in mind the Islamic boundaries.

I'm gonna include the translations of the Islamic phrases I use, below for my awesome non muslim readers ♡♡
(I'm not giving a word to word translation, It's a simpler version and the way I would interpret the phrases)

Allah - God.
Ya Allah - Oh God.
Dua - Prayers.
Holy Quran - Muslim holy book (like how christians have the bibble, Muslims have the Quran).
Wallah - By Allah (God).
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajeoon - Its a verse in the Quran meaning: We are from Allah, and to Him is our return.
Alhamdulillah - Praise be to Allah.
Halaal - Permissible (acts/deed).
Haraam - Prohibited (acts/deeds).

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I know karate, Kung fu, Judo, Tae Kon Do, Jujitsu and 45 other dangerous words! You've been warned..

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