(WARNING: this chapter contains sexual content so plz enjoy hehehe.🔞)

( Victoria's POV )✨

We arrived at the mall then we went to a boutique and i was picking different kinds of dresses short tall buff and slim all of them were nice then my eyes fell on one of the dresses when i wore it it fitted me perfectly good " kris i think that my mom is going to buy the dress lets go" i told him actually i was lying " kris u go to the car" i said " whatever " he said then left uhhh so usual of him so after kris went i went to the cashier and said " hello excuse me i would like this dress to be delivered to this location 3st**** tomorrow thank u " i said then paid and left then I entered the car and then kris took me home " bey " i said while walking out of the car but he just stormed off HUH thats so him what a jerk but I still can't take my mind off yesterday's kiss this was just a kiss on the cheeks and it was accidental what will happen if it was on the lip--- AHHH what am i saying meanwhile I went in the bathroom and took a shower then headed to sleep.

( Victoria's POV)✨


UHUHUhUhhHHhH " I don't want to wake up waaah but i HAVE TO " I sighed then dragged my feet to the bathroom and took a shower and wore my clothes and took my purse wand when i was about to take my car keys " VICTORIA KRIS IS GONNA TAKE YOU TO THE CAMPUS " oooh great just what i wanted then i went downstairs and set on the table when suddenly 💢HONK**HONK💢 looks like kris is here i bid goodbye to my mom and went out and entered the car it was awkward silence really awkward I just hoped that we will arrive faster.

**@ The Campus**🏢

I was out of the car and everyone was shooting daggers with there eyes at me i just shook it off and went to my class...,,,. 2 classes ended already and the break is almost done then i was sitting beside kris becuz we had science and did I mention that new girl a week ago she moved jessica lee here and she really liked kris anyway after the class ended i went out when suddenly " Victoria can you bring my book from your class " said Mr.lee " yes MR.lee " i said and went in the class no one was there except when i raised my head i felt tears in my eyes i saw kris and jessica KISSING i was shocked i felt a sharp pain in my chest🔪🔪 oh no then i ran to the bathroom and suddenly the door swung open which revealed jessica she was mad she then pushed me and that made the back of my head slam the sink i then cried in pain well it was mostly becuz of what i saw but I can't fall in love with him no then i quickly went out of the bathroom and took a cab and i went to our house (A/N: the picture is above.🏠) it was beautiful but I couldn't admire it in this situation then i stormed off to 'OUR' room my and Kris's room and fell on the bed and kept crying.

( Kris's POV )🔥

I was going out of the class when jessica garbed my hand and then i turned and she kkkKISSED ME i was mad & sad then i saw Victoria she just ran away i then broke the kiss and " are you crazy I'm getting married " uhhh i sighed heavily " bu but i love yo-- " she said but i cut her off " GET OUT OF MY FACE " then she just ran and when i went out of the class i saw jessica storming out of the bathroom but wait and i also saw Victoria coming out just 2 minutes after her running and catching a cab i was calling her name but she didn't answer me so I followed her with my car and I realized that it was ' OUR ' house and i went in and opened the bedroom door and i saw her laying on the bed and i heard whimpering sounds so when i got closer she immediately i stood and whipped her tears and i grabbed her arm " Leave me " she said coldly and removed her hand from mine then i grabbed her and pinned her back to the wall and my hand was behind her head and when I pressed my hand " OWWW " she screamed and when i took my arm off i saw Fucking BLOOD on my hand and then she passed out then i called a doctor and he said it will only take a few hours to heal her head after a couple of minutes she woke up and it was 7:50pm i was downstairs watching tv when someone called my name.

( Victoria's POV )✨

I woke up after i blacked out becuz of that bitchy whore jessica pushed me, i smelt like shit so i went to the bathroom to take a shower and when i was done walked out of the bathroom then it hit me I didn't bring my clothes what should i do OMG i will ask kris i have no choice " KRIS " i shouted then kris came in i was in the bathroom talking to him " what " he said coldly " c..c can you let me borrow you clothes plz " I said " ok " was all he said then i peeked to see if he was there but no, thank god I brought extra underwear well who knows when you might need them then i looked at the bed and i found a white buttoned shirt i wire it and it was knee length good well something is better than nothing right then i went downstairs and saw kris sitting on the sofa watching a movie so i sat beside him and i was watching the movie when suddenly I felt kris looking at my legs and then suddenly there was a 'SEX scene' in the movie OMG then I quickly looked down when kris suddenly said " im goona bring another movie " then i just nodded and he went upstairs suddenly i saw my phone and it was 8:30 uuuuhhhhhh so hungry


the door bell rang then i went to the door and opened it it was the pizza delivery guy then i just gave him the money and took the pizza " Nice..,,bo house " he said shuttering and i felt a hand on my waist and when i looked to my right it was kris he pulled me closer by my waist and " thank u " kris said and closed the door then he looked at me me from head to toe " what " i said " what were you thinking going out like that " he said sternly " what do y---- " i was cut off when I realized that i forgot that i was only wearing a shirt now i know what the pizza guy was about to say 'nice body ' ooooommmm Asswhole wait was kris worried about me ooooohhhh " hey don't get me wrong its not that i like you you are my responsibility and if something happens to you my mom is gonna kill me " he said coldly wow my forehead is gone i was sad i felt a pang in my chest i felt unhappy he doesn't like me thos is it I should stop falling for him but its too hard , later we ate out dinner and went upstairs to sleep i went on the bed " hey i m gonna sleep there " kris said pointing at the bed " well im not gonna sleep with you on the same bed and besides I'm the one who is injured " I said " you're okay now go sleep somewhere else " he said " fine i won't move from here " i said and slept.
I wake up and i feel something hard on my hand i feel it and it turned out to be KRIS'S BARE CHEST then i sat quickly and screamed and then i felt Kris's on my mouth and he pulled me back on the bed then he........ (TBC) 👹

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