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Chapter 13 More then just your way

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Why does it seem like you always are right ?
Why am I the one that always cry's when we fight ?
When we started out things where great .
But now I seem to do more things you hate .
We go where you want to go .
We watch all of your shows .
If I'm gone for to long .
You make me feel like I done some thing wrong .
We've bin friends for such a long time now .
And yet I don't know how .
I guess It's easy to be good friends .
Cause theres not that fear of heart brake if it ends .
You say I love you the way you are baby .
But what I feel these days is i'd love you to do what I'm saying .
I except you and all your fam and friends .
But according to you you love me and one or two of my fam and thats where it ends .
We do have a lot of fun times together .
But can I live like this forever ?
I know your not a selfish man .
You show me you love me all you can .
I don't know if I could have both my fam and man .
I'm not sure I am strong enough to stay .
And yet I don't think I am secure enough to walk away .
I think it's always bin just you and mom doing your own things .
That now it's just hard wired in your brains .
To stubborn to give in .
To proud to not win .
But in this crazy world we're in .
I think I might need less steadfast .
In order for some thing with me to last .
Things have got to be fair for me not just what ever you say .
I need more then just your way .

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