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Plot: Fake information.



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You and Scarlett have been dating for a year and you two have somehow been able to keep it a secret from the pesky Paparazzi. Because your relationship was a secret you couldn't be close to her in public, well not all the time. A whole year. A whole year of you being in a relationship with Scarlett and you couldn't tell anyone, not even one, how much you loved her. She meant the world to you so you didn't mind not being able to do the things a 'normal' couple would do.

"Ding!" You looked at your phone to see that you had a new message. Looking at the message it was your best friend, who you hadn't seen for quite a while, she wanted to meet up. You quickly texted her back agreeing that you should meet up and she texted back the place and time. Having about five hours before you had to meet up, you decided to watch a film (movie).

After the film was finished, you checked the time to see how long it was before you had to meet up. Seeing that you had two hours, you got up to get ready. You put on some trousers (pants) and a top; you wanted to blend in because you didn't want to be noticed. Grabbing a bag and some sunglasses you left your shared house and got into your car.

You sat in your car, outside of the coffee shop, scrolling through your phone while waited for your friend to arrive. A few minutes later you saw your friend. You jumped out the car with a wide smile on your face.

"(Name)!" You smiled, hugging her. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too, Y/N!" She said hugging you back. You walked into the coffee shop and ordered together before sitting down. You talked about how you were doing among other things. Little did you know that your whole encounter had been captured on camera.


You unlocked the door and closed it behind you. Turning around you let out a loud scream.

"Scarlett! You scared me!" You gasped, clutching your heart. She looked at you with angry eyes. "What did I do?" You questioned quietly, as she made her way towards you. Scarlett angrily gave you a magazine. Looking down at it the headline read; 'Y/N Y/L/N's NEW GIRLFRIEND!' 

"She's my friend! I promise I'm not cheating! Why would I cheat? You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." You said hugging her. "I love you. Do you love me?"

"I love you too, and I'm going to show you exactly how much I do." Scarlett husked, picking you up bridal style and walking you to the bed. She ripped off your clothing and kissed you hungrily. Your hands found her bulge and you started to palm her through her trousers (pants). 

Her lips travelled down your stomach and connected to your swollen bud. You emitted loud moans and she continued to pleasure you, her fingers teased your entrance before sliding in. Fingers brushing against your g-spot every time she thrusted. With her tongue circling your clit and her fingers inside of you, you moaned loudly and came.

You heard her unbuckle her trousers (pants) and slide them off along with her boxers. She pressed the tip against your entrance and massaged your breast. "Please." You whimpered. Scarlett smirked at you before thrusting into you. 

"You. Are. Mine. And. Only. Mine." She grunted, pounding into you. Her hand trailed to your neck and softly squeezed, cutting off your blood supply slightly. 

"I-I'm yours. All yours." You cried out. Scarlett was mercilessly pounding into you and her other hand dragged over your skin and two fingers circled over your clit. The pressure on your head and the merciless thrusting accompanied with her fingers on your clit was enough to send you over the edge. 

You shook and came onto her member. Scarlett somehow thrusted into you faster and came after you, spilling her seed inside of you.

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