Chapter IX: Confusions and Feelings

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Eyes wide open, Andrea lie motionless on her bed. Facing the window, she watch the rain tap its glass continuously while her mind wanders off to the little incident over an hour ago.

She had walked out off that hallway, got into her room, showered, dried her hair and tucked herself in, but still the weird feeling, though it already stopped by the time the hot water of her shower nearly scalded her skin, came back to haunt her as her head hit her pillow.

It was the first time she felt it that strong and that worried her.

"This is wrong," she mumbled to herself as she turned away from the window and closed her eyes, but as she did so, instead of peaceful darkness started surrounding her, pictures of Lance started crowding the back of her lids.

With a loud groan of defeat, she exited her bed and trudged her way to the kitchen, looking for something that may lighten her mood and/or let her sleep.

Coming nearer to her refrigerator, the lights suddenly turned on. "Holy cheese!" she muttered as she slowly gain her sight.

"What is wrong with you?" she said, turning her whole profile to the half naked Lance, catching her off-guard and making a tiny gasp escape her dry mouth.

"What are you wearing?" she asked, as she turned back around, in a desperate attempt to hide the forming blush and the overly audible fast beating of her heart.

"First, nothing is wrong with me, I thought you were some thief, and I'm wearing my boxers," he answered, his voice coming closer until Andrea could see Lance in front of her, opening the refrigerator, making her turn back around.

"First time you've ever seen a man half-naked?" Lance asked from behind her.

She turned halfway around, "Of course not," she said, rather offended.

He gave her an amused look, "Then why are you acting like I'm Medusa and you cannot look at me?" he asked.

Because I can't, period. "I was just... surprised," she said.

She collected her thoughts and with one risky move, she turned to him fully and walked towards the refrigerator to get herself a bottle of Dr. Pepper.

"Hey, hey, hey," Lance took the bottle from her hands before she could even get it out of the fridge, making her withdraw her hand quickly. She does not want to be close to Lance for now.


"Dr. Pepper? You do realize it's almost midnight?" he scolded her, waving the bottle in front of her.

"I do, so please let me have my Dr. Pepper," she said, reaching for the bottle, but Lance held it up making it impossible for her to even get it. 

"I'm sorry, deary, you can't," he said and without any more qualms, Andrea stopped reaching for the drink. 

"Why can't I just drink that. I'm freaking twenty, for heaven's sake. A Dr. Pepper tonight can't harm me!" she snapped, and with the look on Lance's face, she knew he was shocked. 

"Easy, I'm just playing," Lance said, lowering the Dr. Pepper and gave it to Andrea, who snatched it away like a child.


Andrea walked out of the kitchen and made her way back to her room while Lance remained rooted on the spot where she snapped at him. 

Finally getting his cool and realizing he is the elder one, if not the adult, he followed her to her room, thoroughly confused with Andrea.

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