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Chapter 12 You don't know me

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You may think you know who I am .
The person beneath the name the brand .
I'm so much more then what you see .
Theres many layers that make up me .
I know I'm not very smart .
But I'm not out to act that part .
I may not be the best looking .
And I know I'm not real good at cooking .
And yes some times I'm down right mean .
Some have called me things like drama queen .
But most just judge me by my look .
Instead of trying to read the book .
I can be rude and smart mouthed too .
But at least I don't judge you .
I have a heart though most think not .
And I stand up for the friends I got .
I'll do what ever I can to help those In need .
Yet most just think I'm the bad seed .
Yes I have done things wrong .
But don't we get more then one theme song ?
I don't lie or hide my past .
Life Isn't some thing you can cast .
Most never see the sweet side of me .
The side my friends bring out with ease .
I love and laugh just like you all do .
I'm just to shy and scared to show any one new .
So go ahead and do what you do .
Judge me because I can't look at you .
You'll never ask if i'm ok .
You'll only see how I look each day .
That ugly girl all dressed in black .
The one that wont ever smile back .
You'll hear about the one that killed her self at home .
And you'll ask wasn't she the one that liked to be alone ?
But I wont care .
I'll have found my way out of there .

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