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(Victoria's POV)✨

"WHATT" me and kris coursed " are you serious mom" i said then my mom pulled me to the corner and tried to solve things with me about the marriage " okay mom i get it " i had to agree it was becuz of dads company i had no choice and then we all sat in the dinner table and began eating and then one of the maids came to pour for me whine and suddenly the glass fell on my lap and soaked my dress with red whine " OH!! Im so so sorry miss pls forgive me i will cl--" she panicked and started whipping the whine of my dress actually she made it worse i cut her words " no no its okay you can go " I smiled at her sweetly and then she bowed and left " kris go help Victoria clean her dress " kris's mom said " bu-" said kris but his mom cut his words " NOW " she said sternly and kris led me to his room then i went to the bathroom to clean my dress i wore a bathrobe and i went out of the bathroom huffing beecuz I couldn't get the whine of the dress and the next thing i know is kris standing in front of me smirking i was taken aback then kris walked forward to me and i was walking backwards until i hit the wall and kris came closer our faces where inches away THUMP THUMP i held my chest then kris leaned to my ears and whispered " this is my payback " my heart almost popped out of my chest then i managed to slide from his grip and i landed on the bed when i opened my eyes kris was on top of me and his lips were touching the corner of my lips i widened my eyes " hey g-- kids wait till you two get married first " said kris's mom I quickly got him off me and dressed my self and went downstairs.

( kris's POV )🔥

I was standing by my door when Victoria came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe i was shocked first and then 'this is my chance for payback ' I thought but hey guys don't get me wrong I'm not gonna steal her virginity ' yet ' just kidding so i got closer which made her shocked and her back was against the wall I leaned closer to her ear and whisper " this is my payback " i said and then she was shocked and somehow she managed to get away from my grip and she fell on the bed with me on top of her and then I realized that my lips were touching the corner of her lips suddenly my mom came " hey g-- kids wait till you get married " i was shocked yet satisfied when i saw the look on her face hhhh yah suits you right huh then she ran and went downstairs then i followed her downstairs and then sat down " so when is the wedding " i asked my father " on Wednesday " " WHATT that soon " me and Victoria coursed " its okay you can get closer after getting married " said MR. Song after eating they all went home and i took a shower and went to bed.

( Victoria's POV ) ✨

"WHATT that soon" me and kris coursed " its okay you can get closer after getting married" said my dad with a smile on his face Aaaahh why is my life like this after 3 days I'm going to be married to a jerk named kris wu I must've killed a village no wait a town to deserve this ( A: well you haven't seen him in bed yet hhhh 😜) are you seriously thinking about this author-nim your crazy and byuntea may god forgive you (A/: is it wrong to think sexually abot a hunk like kris hhhh) ahhh just get back to writing ( A/: okay 😊) .


When we arrived I quickly took a bath and then i laid on bed and slowly drifted to sleep deeep deeep sleeeeeep 💤💤


"Aaaaaah I don't want to wake up" and then I unwillingly went to the bathroom an took a shower and went to school i took my car keys and my bag and drove to school "oh shit damn this traffic jam ahhh" its been half an hour already ***BEEP**BEEP*** and after 5 more minutes the cars started moving and i was finally at the campus and went in the class " miss song why were you late " Mr. Kim asked sternly " becuz of the traffic jam sir" I replied " okay then take a seat beside ummmh ha kris wu " he said pointing on the last desk i started huffing " okay sir " i said as i make my way to my seat after the class ended i told Amber everything including the kiss well to me it isn't a kiss its just an accident anyway then we made our way to the cafeteria when suddenly someone grabbed my hand " Hey who-- oh kris " " don't dare tell anyone that we are engaged okay " " why would i " huh like i care "just d--" kris was cut off by the load screaming from "his" fangirls " oppa why are getting married " " why " the fangirls coursed while suddenly running toward us " kri---" he then grabbed my hand and he started running while dragging me with him and then i ran and then kris pulled me in the small tight really tight alley and i was on the wall while kris was in front of me holding me tight and suddenly.

( kris's POV ) 🔥

And suddenly i felt the something hit my back it was a basketball and that made me go closer to Victoria and my lips was about to touch her lips but she looked away and my lips touched her cheeks then i broke the kiss and she was blushing ohh she looked so cute wait WHAT THE FUCK AM I SAYING???. " i think they're gone come on" i said that as i was holding her hand and each one of us went in their separate ways and then the classes went smoothly until the end of the day.


( Victoria's POV )✨

Suddenly kris leaned forward and his lips were about to touch my lips but I accidentally looked away then my eyes widened and kris was kissing my cheeks then i felt kris breaking the kiss OH MY GOD the way his lips touched my cheeks was amazing THUMP THUMP i just wanted to pause this moment but wait WHAT AM I SAYING??? I can't fall in love with kris " i think they're gone" kris said while holding my hand and then i went to my class and kris went to his class and then the bell rang.


( Victoria's POV )✨

When i went out of the class someone called my name when I turned i saw kris THUMP THUMP ooooh what is this feeling ?? (A/: it's love my darling hehehe😜😍) shut up author huh just write 😝 ( A/: okay okay calm your tits ) hhhh okay okay , " Victoria my mom said that i have to drive you " " oh oka--" i was cut of by the sound of kris's phone ringing " hi what okay" kris said through the phone " honey did you put it on speaker " said kris's mom " yes " " oh! Hi tori "
" anyeong omonea " I replied " hey kids i have to tell you something you two are going to live together tomorrow " kris's mom said " WHAT?? " me and kris blurted out " aigoo you two are too cute " " bu--" kris said " no buts yifan " said Kris's mom " bey Victoria & kris " said Kris's mom before she hung up " looks like we don't have a choice huh!" Kris sighed and said then kris drove us to the mall....

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