{18} Heartbroken Betrayal

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I had explained everything to Kazune, just as he told me about the princes in this area. It took up almost three hours, but who cared? As long as I was with him...

"Kazune, we need you in the headquarters." A voice came from behind the double doors. 

"Gomen, Bellane..I'll leave you in the hands of Prince Rivalle."


He stood up and ruffled my hair lightly. Just before he headed out, he looked back and studied me as I stood.

"and Bellane,"


"You're the only princess with a natural beauty."


I could hear the footsteps down the corridor, but only to be replaced my some heading my way.

Corporal- no, Prince Rivaille stood at the door, gesturing for me to follow.

"Thorne, are you coming or not?"

"Just because my brother said you're in charge, doesn't mean you can boss me around." I snapped with a glare, folding my arms over.

He snickered, "Brother?"

Oh holy titans, I'm dead. 

"Since when did you have the right to be so close to him?" He muttered, as he tapped his foot against the marble floor.  I shrugged. "I didn't, just bragging rights."

He rolled his eyes and took a step forward, grasping my wrist, then dragging me out of the room. 

"You're too harsh." I complained, holding back the urge to smack him in his little charming face. But hey, all princes are charming aren't they?

"Just follow me,"


The prince and the damsel hopped into the carriage. They sat apart, yet he couldn't help but stare at her by the reflection of the windows. He'd known her by the name Mika too.

I know this girl, he thought. But where? 

Then she caught him staring. He expected her to blush, or to look away frantically. But instead, she kept her eyes trained on him with that fiery fierce look that never vanished.

She knows me too, doesn't she. 

"We're here, finally." She muttered. "Obviously," Levi growled. 

The two were ushered out. He stole a glance at the princess, and her eyes were wide with fear.

Why? He had no idea.

"Welcome," he started, "To the outer walls of Maria."


So this is what it looks like, without the hole and the titans huh? I kept in mind. Except, I could still feel the prince's glare or whatever he thought he was doing. His presence was so weird, I think I could die if he stayed like this all day. Surely I had to complain to my brother about this.

But then I thought back and it hit me hard in the face.

Where was reality?

What is happening right now in the world of titans. How was my real corporal, what about Eren? Armin? Sasha? I was too greedy, this isn't what life is. 

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