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It was only five past nine in the morning, and I was already considering forming a noose out of my tie.

Not that the woman sat opposite me would even notice, too lost in her monologue of school policies and how there was no acceptance of bullying, whilst I fiddled with the puke-coloured fabric that was draped down my chest. It was already painfully tight and ridiculously long thanks to Matt's insistence that I made a 'good first impression.'

Like there's much point.

The woman rose, her dark coils of hair spiralling as she looked down expectantly at me. Clutching the worn strap of my bag, I got up. Time to face the inevitable.

Her monologue appeared endless as we walked down the otherwise silent corridor. I pretended to listen, nodding and making murmurs of agreement in all the right places. My mind was elsewhere- mainly on whether I'd secured my bike in the mouldy excuse of a bike shed, and memorising an exit out of this place.

The faded white walls blurred in the corners of my eyes, fluorescent lights blinking overhead. Each door was no longer a blur due to trying to match the woman's swift pace. At the final door stood a real life Barbie, our footsteps getting slower.

Barbie had her eyes on me. Her sneering gaze scanned over my ill-fitting uniform and freshly polished boots. I stared back at her. Not that there was much to look at. She was a clone of every other popular girl I've ever met: short skirt, doll face and hair so perfect that it had to have been manufactured.

Having made a mental note to avoid this girl if we were in the same form, the nasal drawl finally registered in my head: "-I'd like you to introduce you to the buddy I mentioned earlier..."

The Barbie doll girl was walking towards us.

I clenched my jaw to stop my lips revealing my agape disbelief. 'This has cliché teen movie written all over it- and the shortest time I'll be spending in one school.'

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you. As Ms. Chandra said, I'm Lily!" Barbie, or rather Lily, chirped.

I winced at her saccharine tone. It was too early in the morning to be dealing with this.

"Lily, I know you'll do an excellent job of making Taylor feel welcome-particularly after what we've discussed."

A slight nudge of concern trickled through me at that. If this Lily knew about me technically being a girl then I really wouldn't be spending long here.

"Don't worry, I'll make him feel at home, or at least as at home as you can feel in school!"

I rolled my eyes. Of course she had to spout clichés. But at least she wasn't aware of everything.

As Lily took up the head of year's needless talking, I felt my earlier concerns wash away, replaced by the familiar dread  as the form room door eased open. Lily gestured for me to step inside, and for once, I wasn't greeted with silence and pointed stares. Or at least not immediately.

"Come on, you can't stand there all day! My friends are in that middle table, I'll introduce you to them," Lily had already grabbed hold of my baggy blazer sleeve, and tugged me between the blocks of tables, greeting people as we passed. Heads lifted and eyes landed on me. I kept my gaze focused on darting around the foreign room, an English classroom, by the looks of it.

Three tables were set out at the front. The one on the far right looked empty. But her manicured fingers were wound around my arm, holding me in place as we stopped by a table of colossal lumps of testosterone.

The high pitched giggles caught my attention, and I tried not to cringe at the noise. Her free hand curled a strand of hair as she spoke, until the bulkiest of the guys attempted to pull Lily onto his lap. Still grasping onto me, Lily lurched away.

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