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I walked into the school and dapped my boys Hakeem, Keion, and Artavious hands and we walked inside and Daysi was over chatting up with a group of girls, I smiled and walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, She turned around and smiled kissing me

"Hey Baby girl" I said to her

She smiled, "Hey"

"You Alright?"

She smiled and nodded, "Yeah, just tired."

"Look, I got to get to class. you want me to walk with you before I head out?"

"If you want to." She said smiling

I smiled and walked her to her class than walked back over with my boys.

"Yo, you with that?" Keion asked me

"Yeah, You can say that. We ditching Soc Studies today or nah?"

"Your sister here?" Artavious asked

"Which one?" I asked

"Autumn" he said

"I don't know, Why?"

"Your little sister fine as hell."

"Thank you" Autumn said from behind us

"Oh shit" he said

She laughed and shook her head

"Hey Autumn!" I said hugging her

"Hey" she said smiling and hugging me back

" April here?"

"Nah she had to go to the doctors. She wasn't feeling good, I'm going to class. See you later, Bye Artavious." she said smiling and walking away

"Bro, you got a thing for my little sister?"

"Hell yeah, every since I seen her at your crib that day I couldn't get Shawty off my mind! Change of plans, I'm going to class. See y'all later." He said

"Bro, she coming over to my place after school so just come wit us." I said

He nodded and we walked out the back door of the school and walked across the field to this restaurant.

> After School

Daysi came out and was walking towards the school bus

"Daysi, come here" I said

She came over and I wrapped my arms around her and she kissed my lips

"You sure you alright?"

"Yeah, I need to get on this bus and get back home. I'll call you later"

I looked at her and nodded, she kissed me and left

*Autumn comes out with Tay and Lashon*

"Autumn, you still coming over?"

"Yeah it's gone be later though because we got rehearsal." she said

"Alright, Call me and let me know when you're coming over"

She smiled and nodded and walked over hugging me and leaving

"She gone be bad" my boys said

I shook my head, "Niggas, let's go."


Autumn and April came over. My boys and I was listening to music and playing games and shit

"Y'all boys gone be boys. Where daddy? Where vee?"

"She had an appointment. And, what's up? I told you to call Autumn"

"April told me not to, plus we wanted to see what was going on."

April laughed and sat down, Autumn plopped down on her lap


"You know you likeeeee it" she sung

"You nasty" April said laughing

I shook my head, "Y'all get on my nerves."

"Nigga we your little sisters ain't that our job?"

"Correction, I'm older than him." April said

"Yeah we didn't need to know. I'm more mature "

"I- I outta" April said trying to grab me

I laughed

"Who your goonz?" April asked eyeing them

"That's Artavious, Keion and Hakeem."

"Sup" they said

"Y'all hang around him, y'all gone loose all y'all girls" April joked

"April, shut up" Autumn said laughing

"I'm being honest"

"Oh shut up"

"Autumn, Can I talk to you?"

"Yo Do she even know you playa?" April asked

"Yeah sure" Autumn said getting up

*Autumn and Artavious leaves*

"You just gone let our little sister walk out with him?"

I laughed, "She's alright. He ain't gone do shit to her"

"Fo shou" my boys said laughing

April sighed and sat back


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