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We got to Sky's house and I headed straight to their guest bedroom where I slept yesterday. Sky didn't question because she probably figured out what happened. I leaned against the wall and for once in forever I broke down. I cried because I had no one but Sky and Kahleb. I cried because my parents didn't care about what happened. I cried because I have been strong for too long. I didn't know a person could handle so much emotional pain. Kahleb walked in slowly slamming the door shut. Before I looked up Kahleb picked me up and set me on the bed carefully.
"Lake...... I .... Fucking love you. You are such a strong and beautiful girl. Your smile lights up my dark world and I don't even want to think about losing you." His words made even more tears run from my eyes probably ruining my make up. "Kahleb I... I love you too. Looking at your face makes me look forward to another day. You make me forget my reasons to frown. Having you around is...is so wonderful." I was full on sobbing now. Hearing somebody say they care about me out loud... it was beautiful. He was now on top of me just resting his head in my neck. "Can we just stay like this forever?" I smiled at his sweet comment "I wouldn't mind" I say. "What happened?" His words made me confused so I said "what do you mean?" He still had his head laying on my neck when he said calmly "in your dream. You screamed. What happened?" It came rushing back to me in an instant. "Oh...well it's weird. And even I don't understand it. One moment I'm happy and my life's perfectly in place and the next everything comes falling down. There's a crash, I can feel the glass cut my skin and then boom just like that it's over," I said. He looks at me confused,"what's over?" I look at him and feel the words roll off my tongue "my life."
We were silent for what seemed two hours just laying on each other forgetting the world. It felt so good to relax and shortly after I thought that I dozed off.
I woke up feeling tight grip on my wrist that caused me to scream. My eyes opened and Kahlebs head jerked up "are you okay did I hurt you?" I was confused what did he mean? "What are you talking about Kahleb?" The moon shown half on his face making his eyes look lost. His eyes sparkled with the glare of the moon and his smile was brightened to perfection. Just looking at his jaw line made me drool and I loved it when his soft hair brushed my cheek when he kisses my neck. I broke out of my thoughts and looked at the bruises on my neck and wrists. "Did Lance do this to you?" He asked. I tried not to look at him when I said," uh yeah." All of a sudden Kahlebs mood changed and before he ran out the door he said "Forgive me." With a tear in his eye. I cannot explain the feeling I felt as he walked out. What the hell did I do wrong? Was it me? Did he just use me? What the fuck. This all happened so fast. All the emotions angry, tears, sad, confused. I don't understand. I cried myself to sleep still smelling his axe where he lay and the smell of his hair on my pillow.

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