Party or disaster?

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By the time it was 10 me and Kahleb got our selves together and decided to not bring up the Sky and Tyler incident. At the party we met Lance and Dylan in the front yard and the rest of our friends inside Landon's beautiful mansion. I was looking all over for Sky and saw her sitting on the recliner next to Tyler who looked like he had one too many beers.
Just looking at him made me so disgusted I wanted to walk up to him and slap that smirk off his face! I went to go sit by her and Kahleb followed close behind. Sky's face lit up as she seen us. I didn't dare look at Tyler but I could feel his hard stare. I didn't realize me and Kahleb were holding hands until he gave mine a gentle squeeze. I quickly met his eyes that always mezmorized me. Right as he closed his eyes expecting me to kiss him Tyler pushed between us. I clearly got knocked off balance and landed hard on floor. I seen Kahleb turn around with his hands in fist but I yelled his name as I got up. His face softened as he stared at me. God he made me crazy with that face. He was so beautiful and his personality was so sweet. He is the type of guy I would date alright. I looked at Sky who seemed almost frightened by Tyler's actions. I asked her if she was fine before Tyler appeared again and she quickly acted like she wasn't saying anything. I left Kahleb to talk to Landon as I went up stairs suprized to see Alaric sitting on a bed completely wasted. Once he saw me enter the room he patted the bed next to him trying to say come sit by me. In the room there was Dylan, Lance, surprisingly Tyler and Sky we sitting on the floor too. Lance stared at me with his perfect smile and said " want to play the truth or dare with us?" I chugged my beer. Why not? I sat by Landon and on my left was Lance. Lance practically shouted"Which one of you mouther fuckers wants to go first?" Tyler shot his hand up and Lance said " alright go." Tyler looked right at me and said "Lake truth or dare?" All I could think was what the fuck! "Dare." I managed to say. Tyler had an evil smile on his as he whispered "Put your hands down Alarics pants." Alaric, my ex, really? That fucking dick. I stared at Tyler hard." Fine!" Alaric was still laying on the bed and I stood up. "I can't believe I'm doing this." I mumble under my breath. As I unbuttoned his pants Alaric slurred "Hey babe what are you doing?" I smiled and said "shut up." I slid both of my hands in his pants and and felt his package. I started laughing as Alaric moaned. I took out my hands and smiled at Tyler that filthy prick. When it's my turn I'm going to make that dick pay.
Sky skipped her turn and now it was Landon's turn. "Lance I dare you to go in the bedroom with Lake for 20 minutes." Great, now Landon was being a pervert. Before I could say pass, Lance grabbed me by the arm and practically dragged me into the empty room. "Ow what the fuck was that for?!" I said once he shut the door. "What am I not good enough for your little preppy ass? Huh? You gonna stick your hands down my pants or should I stick mine in yours? Your fucking choice slut?!" I didn't know how to answer. His words cut through me like knives. "Excuse me? What the hell has gotten into you?" I managed to say. Before I knew it he pinned me to the wall. Our lips were only inches away. I tried to let my hands free but he only gripped harder. He forced my legs open with his knee elevating me with it. "Stop, please Lance." My eyes were welling with tears afraid of what was about to happen. He looked at me with his brownish green eyes that made me uncomfortable. "What's the matter? Would you like my hand to the job?" I screamed as he stuck his fingers in his mouth and into my shorts. "Lance knock it off!" Just then the door swung open and to my surprise there stood Kahleb. He barely managed to say "oops sorry." Kahleb! No help!" I shouted. He then figured out what was happening and said "Get off her!" "What are you going to do?" Lance shot back. Now that Lance's attention was on Kahleb I balled my hands into fist and swung so hard hitting Lance in the jaw. The sound of my fist hitting his face was almost terrifying I felt a crack beneath my knuckles. Did I just break lance's jaw? Damn I'm good. Lance released me as he held his jaw with his face bright red. I pushed him off and ran to Kahleb. His face looked so worried and his eyebrows were pushed together as if he was trying to figure out if I was okay. "Can we go?" I whimper. "Yeah let's go honey. Sky get your ass up we are leaving." He said as we left the room.

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