Chapter 9 Missing you

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I miss you so bad .
I know I shouldn't be sad .
I know its wrong to get this mad .
But I miss the late night talks we had .
You where my shoulder when I lost my dad .
But yet I didn't even see when your health was really bad .
You where a mom and best friend too .
I always knew I could count on you .
I hope you knew that I loved you more then I could say .
And that I think about you every day .
I can't quit thinking about something that you said .
About me not being disappointed it keeps running threw my head .
I hope that you know now .
That you could never let me down .
I hope that you are happy now .
Up above us looking down .
So until we se each other again .
I'll hope your days are spent happy , laughing with family and friends .

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