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Kahleb left to his room to put on clothes while me and Sky got ready for beautiful Cali weather. I straightened my hair put on a summer tank and some booty shorts that always made my figure look great. Sky was almost wearing the same thing which we tended to do a lot. When we were done she looked at me with her piercing green eyes and said "do I want to know what you and your brother were doing?" We both bursted into laughter and I replied with "brotherly love is all." She always knew her brother took interest in me and she didn't necessarily care.
We gossiped about boys from our school and how Alaric, a varsity football player, was dying to date me and how Sky and Kahlebs best friend Tyler were dating. Tyler was a tall basketball player who's eyes were a mysterious light blue that always made me feel on edge. Yes he was cute but not the kind I would date in particular. Alaric on the other hand was pretty hot but he was demanding and when we were dating he wanted to be in control and make me do things I didnt want to do.
Kahlebs voice broke into my thoughts " you guys ready?" Me and Sky said" yeah let's go!" "So where are we goin?" I asked Sky who was busy inviting Tyler. "How about the party?"she replied. Then I remembered that Landon was throwing a party as usual. At the last party I attended he practically threw himself on me wanting more than a kiss but I pushed him off. A party sounded pretty good especially since most of my class mates would be there and basically all the guys were hot so if I got drunk and banged someone it wouldn't be too bad.
The party started at 10 so we still had a lot of time although Sky had plans with Tyler so I just decided to hang with Kahleb. Her house was huge and she even had a movie room. Kahleb asked me if I wanted to watch a movie so we agreed to watch If I stay. I pretended to look at my phone while the couple on the movie were kissing. Kahlebs boner was visible through his shorts and for some reason it made me blush. We were so close and once Kahleb caught me staring he immediately said "you like what you see?" My cheeks flushed rose red and before i could answer his lips landed on mine. He pushed me back on the couch and was kissing me with such intensity. I kissed him back running my hands through his hair. One of his hands was on my neck while the other was on my leg. He gently bit the bottom of my lip and a moan escaped my lips. A smile formed under his kiss and he slowly moved his hand closer to the line of my Victoria secret under wear that I had gotten for my birthday. I breathed in a sharp breath and slipped my hand down his pants a grunt left his mouth as he put his head back enjoying what I was doing. "Don't stop."He started to unbutton my shorts when my phone went off. Some one was calling. In this fucking moment. As soon as I stopped moving my hands I said "shall we finish later?" His face seemed almost disappointed as he said "I'll get you next time." His words hit me. What did he mean. Any ways he said it in a sexy voice so I take it well have fun.
I answered my phone to here Sky on the other line. She said "hello... Lake...." She seemed out of breath. I quickly sat up but Kahleb was still on top of me. "Yes is everything alright?" Her voice was shaky as she said " I told him to stop. I'm not ready yet and I'm still a virgin. We were kissing and he through me on the bed, then he... he forced me Lake! And all this time I thought he was different!" Now she was sobbing and I was still trying to process this. "Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?" Is all I could say.She practically whispered "he told me if I said anything to anyone he would do it again... harder." Clearly my emotions were spread on my face because when I looked at Kahleb he mouthed "Is everything alright?" I shook my head and put one finger up as if saying hold on. "Sky we need to do something about this. Did he give you any bruises?" I waited for a solid minute before Sky said "I have to go I'll see you at the party. Just act normal. Kay?" The line ended soon after she said that. Wow I can't believe this. Well I can but really? I guess this explains why I always caught him staring and finding random reasons to touch me.
Kahleb's voice pulled me out of my thoughts as he said "what happened? Is everything alright?" I explained as much as I could to him and I could see anger surface his face. He clenched his jaw and looked at me dead in the eyes. " I'm going to fucking kill him." The tone in his voice made me believe him. I put my hand on his cheek and I smiled. I wanted us to put this behind and continue what we started earlier. Before I knew it Kahlebs mouth was on mine moving fiercely almost as if he was taking his anger out on me. I layed back as Kahleb pulled his mouth off mine. He put his finger on my lips then stuck it in my mouth. I wasn't sure if this turned him on or was just flat out weird. I sucked on his finger and then he ran his wet finger down my chest, down my stomach, and into my shorts. His mouth met mine then trailed down to my neck. I let out a noise of satisfaction. "You like that?" Kahleb asked. I finally gathered enough energy to say "yes!" He smiled and picked up the pace. I started touching him where he guided my hand earlier. He basically yelled "oh wow" when I did and I smiled. "What are you smiling at?" I didn't reply I was enjoying this way too much.

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