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5 years later

The boys moved to a bigger house and adopted two little girls. Akira and Izumi.

Akira is more of the sporty type, always loves to cause trouble, and just has a good time wherever she is.

Izumi is a more laid back, keeps to herself, type of person. She loves to paint. Even sold some of hers that sold for a lot. She loves to sing and has her own youtube channel where she does covers and/or original songs.

Ash is still with them (the dog from the chapter 'Puppy') and is as lively as ever. Always wanting to go somewhere. Even if its just down the street to the mailbox. Akira and Izumi love to take care of Ash.

Shoto wrote a book and it hit #1 Best Selling.

Katsuki created a clothing brand and is excelling in that.

Ejirou is now in the youtube business, he makes vlogs. He has over 12 million subscribers and is getting paid well.

Izuku and Ochaco have a beautiful baby boy named Zachariah.

Izuku invented a new app that helps parents with tips and tricks for their kids.

Ochaco is the principal for U.A. College, the best in the country.

Touya, Hawks, and Shigaraki are all dating. But Touya is about to propose soon. They all live in a mansion down by the beach. They have two cats and a dog.

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