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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

"Katsuki Bakugo, if you do not get your ass down here right this second I will go up there and drag your fucking bottom bitch ass down!" Midoriya yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Today was the wedding of Kirishima, Todoroki, and Bakugo. But SOMEONE is running ten minutes late.

"I'm almost finished! Give me a second!" Bakugo yelled back. Midoriya rolled his eyes and tapped his foot. The venue is at least a thirty minute drive, and they're late already as it is.

Soon, Bakugo came down the stairs in his ball gown. The hair extensions look amazing. (the pic above is what he looks like)

"One, you look great. Two, we are late! Get your ass in the car!" Midoriya yelled. Bakugo smiled and flipped off the greenette before rushing to the car.

Midoriya drove to the venue (tbh i have no clue if im using the right word. its the place where they have the ceremony. if i aint using the right word, idc).


"Are you ready?" Touya asked Bakugo. Since none of the boys' parents were at the ceremony and Touya acted like a father to Shoto, Katsuku wanted Touya to walk him down.

Katsuki nodded his head and smiled as he heard the music start to play. Touya linked his arm witg Katsuki's and the two walked down the isle.

Once they saw Katsuki, Shoto and Ejirou teared up at the sight of their beautiful bride.

Touya handed Katsuku to Shoto and Ejirou, giving the blonde a quick hug before sitting down.

(I'm going to skip the vows nd shit. im sorry)

"Now do you, Shoto Todoroki, take Ejirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo as your husbands?" Aizawa asked.

"I do," Shoto said, smiling after.

"Do you, Ejirou Kirishima, take Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo as your husbands?" Aizawa asked.

"I do," Ejirou said, almost crying.

"Now, Katsuki Bakugo, do you take Shoto Todoroki and Ejirou Kirishima as your husbands?" Aizawa asked.

"I do," Katsuki said, smiling while a few tears fell.

"With the power invested in me, you two may kiss the bride," Aizawa stated.

Cheers and hollers errupted throughout the room as the three kissed each other.

"You are now looking at the two newest members of the Todoroki family!" Touya yelled out, throwing a fist in the air. Shigaraki and Hawks both came up to Touya and kissed him on both sides of his cheeks. Touya flushed bright red before kissing both of them on the lips.

The night ended up in a trashed building, everyone drunk, and three newlyweds having sex. Oh and the new trio also had sex (Touya, Hawks, and Shigaraki).


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