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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

Today was very eventful to say the least. Bakugo decided to bake a cake for some reason and Kirishima wanted help... long story short, the kitchen is now completely charred from the fire. Todoroki, being the one who has to pay for it to be fixed, decided to give the two a little punishment.

"Katsuki Bakugo, Ejirou Kirishima," Todoroki said. Hearing their full names, the two looked back to see a pissed of Todoroki.

"Run?" Kirishima asked. Bakugo nodded his head.

"Run," Bakugo said. The two jumped over the couch and booked it. Bakugo went upstairs while Kirishima went off towards their gym and pool. Todoroki smirked, his anger rising.

"They're so gonna fucking get it," Todoroki snarled. He walked to where Kirishima ran off. He walked into the gym and almost instantly he saw the top of Kirishima's hair behind the rack of dumbbells. Todoroki walked over to Kirishima and grabbed him by the back of his neck.

"Ah!" Kirishima yelled. Todoroki walked out of the room, gripping onto Kirishima even harder. "Wait- wait Babe, I'm sorry!" Kirishima yelled, thrashing around in Todoroki's hold.

"Keep thrashing around and I'll make sure you can't walk for a fucking month," Todoroki growled out. Kirishima shut up and stopped moving, accepting his fate. The two got up the stairs and into their bedroom. Todoroki threw Kirishima on the bed and tied his hands to the bedpost.

Todoroki got off the bed and crouched down in front of it. He lifted the blanket up a little and felt around for a second before grabbing onto two ankle's and bringing the blonde out from under the bed. Bakugo's eyes widened as he was thrown on the bed and tied too.

"You two really thought you could run from me? Y'know, I wasn't gonna be too mean to you guys but now I changed my fucking mind." The two cowered a little before watching Todoroki walk out of the room.

"Shit..." Bakugo whispered. A few seconds later Todoroki walked back in with two vibrators and two remotes. The two sighed in relief, thinking it wouldn't be that bad. Todoroki took both of their shorts and boxers off before roughly putting the vibrators in them.

"Ah~" they both moaned. Todoroki smirked and stood up.

"You both have to wear those all day. Got it?" Todoroki asked. The two nodded. Todoroki got pissed so he turned them both over, giving them both a spank. "Got it?" Todoroki yelled.

"Yes!" They both yelled out. Todoroki spanked them again.

"Yes what?" Todoroki asked.

"Yes sir!" The two moaned out. Todoroki smirked and untied them.


- - - - - - - - - -

"Come on, let's go out," Todoroki said. The other two groaned. They just came for the third time that day. Todoroki was really having fun with the remotes.

"Let's go you two!" Todoroki yelled, getting his shoes on.

"Where are we going?" Bakugo asked. Bakugo and Kirishima went over and put their shoes on.

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