Cold Winter Night

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⚠️ Smut Warning ⚠️

🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

It's winter season and the boys' heater broke... yay. They called a repairman but he couldn't come in until tomorrow.

"I swear to god, Kiri move closer," Bakugo said. Kiri rolled his eyes and scooted back for the millionth time. "Babe, I love you but your skin is freezing," Kirishima said. Bakugo tsk'd and rolled his eyes. "Not my fault, if Sho called sooner then the repairman would've come today," Bakugo retorted. "Alright that's it. You guys are cold? Fine, I know a way to stay warm," Todoroki said, fed up with their arguing.

Todoroki got up off the bed and walked out of the room. The other two sat up in the bed and watched as his figure walked away. "Now look what you did. You pissed him off," Bakugo said. "Excuse me? You're the one who pissed him off," Kirishima whisper-yelled.

Todoroki came back in the room, a vibrator and two things of cloth in his hands. The two saw the objects in his hands but due to very little light, they couldn't tell what they were. "What you got there?" Kirishima asked. Todoroki didn't say anything. All he did was grab Kirishima's arm and pull him up.

Todoroki dragged Kirishima to one of the walls and planted him against it. "Don't move," Todoroki said. Kirishima stood still, understanding what Todoroki was doing. "Todo wait, I'm sorry, we didn't mean it-" Kirishima was interrupted by Todoroki growling. "Keep talking and I'll get a gag,"  Todoroki threatened. Kirishima shut his mouth and decided to let Todoroki do whatever.

Bakugo, still confused, stood up from the bed. "What's going on?" Bakugo asked. "Oh nothing~ you two have just been bad boys is all~" Todoroki said. Bakugo smirked and crossed his arms. "Yeah? So what, not like you're going to do anything when it's 5° in this room," Bakugo said. Todoroki smirked and grabbed Bakugo by the waist.

"I don't think you know how far I'll go to make sure you learn your lesson," Todoroki growled out next to Bakugo's ear, making the blonde shiver. Before Bakugo could speak, Todoroki put him on the bed and tied his wrists to the bedpost. Bakugo lay there, contemplating if he should be a brat or not. The blonde decided to be an idiot.

"So like what? All you're gonna do is tie my hands? That's it? Pretty shitty punishment if you ask me," Bakugo said. Todoroki looked down at the blonde for a second before walking back out the room. "Now look what you did! Now I'mma get it bad too!" Kirishima whisper-yelled.

Todoroki soon came back in with a few different things. A whip, a cock ring, a gag, and another vibrator. Bakugo smirked while Kirishima looked like he wanted to cry. Todoroki looked at Kirishima and smiled softly.

"Strip and lay down next to Katsuki on your back," Todoroki instructed. Kirishima nodded his head and did what he was told. Todoroki moved over to Bakugo and put the gag and the cock ring on him. Bakugo growled, his two least favorite toys. Todoroki slapped Bakugo in the stomach with the whip, making the blonde jerk a little.

"Quit it," Todoroki said. Todoroki moved over to Kirishima and tied his hands to the bedpost as well. "I'm sorry?" Kirishima asked, hoping that he wouldn't get it as bad. "You're gonna be fine Kiri," Todoroki said. Kirishima relaxed, knowing he wouldn't be getting it too bad.

Todoroki got off the bed and looked down at his boyfriends. He smirked before undressing Bakugo fully and then himself. "I'm only touching one of you at a time," Todoroki said.

Todoroki grabbed some lube and the bigger vibrator (like a small dildo but big for a vibrator). Todoroki walked over to Bakugo and lubed up the vibrator before plunging it into the blonde. Having no prep beforehand, tears started to form in Bakugo's eyes but a moan escaped from him. Todoroki turned the vibrator up all the way and stood back, watching the blonde become hard.

Todoroki then turned to Kirishima and smirked. Todoroki climbed on top of Kirishima and kissed him. The two soon pulled apart and Todoroki lubed up his fingers. Todoroki kissed Kirishima again while he pushed in a finger. Kirishima moaned into the kiss causing Todoroki to fasten up his hand.

Soon Todoroki added a second finger. Kirishima's moans came a bit faster and Todoroki started to look around for something. After a few minutes Todoroki added a third finger. After a few seconds Kirishima let out a high-pitched moan, arching his back. "Heh, found it," Todoroki whispered.

Todoroki started to abuse that same spot making Kirishima go wild. Todoroki pulled his fingers out and instantly thrusted in, not giving Kirishima time to adjust to the size. Todoroki thrusted in and out at a brutal pace, hitting Kirishima's prostate everytime.

Soon Kirishima felt a knot in his stomach. "C- cumming... soon~" Kirishima moaned out. Todoroki smirked, going even rougher on the redhead. "Ahh~ slow d-down~" Kirishima moaned. A few seconds later and Kirishima arched his back, cum shooting out of him.

Todoroki sloppily thrusted in, feeling a knot in his own stomach. "Todo~ cumming ag-gain~" Kirishima moaned. Todoroki thrusted in a few more times before they both came together. Kirishima on his stomach and Todoroki inside Kirishima.

Todoroki rode out his high and pulled out. He stood up and untied Kirishima. "Go take a bath," Todoroki said. Kirishima nodded and got up. Before walking away he kissed Todoroki on the cheek. "Have fun," Kirishima said, walking out to the bathroom.

Todoroki smiled and then turned his attention to Bakugo. Tears were streaming down his face, there were slight red marks on his wrists, and a throbbing dick.

Todoroki panicked, quickly taking out the vibrator. "Shit shit shit, I'm so sorry!" Todoroki said. Bakugo looked on the verge of passing out. Todoroki took off the gag and undid the cloth.

Todoroki slowly slid off the cock ring and almost instantly, cum shoots out of the blonde. Bakugo's back arched and a scream ripped through his throat. Todoroki pulled the blonde up to his chest and gently stroked his hair while Bakugo rode out his high.

Kirishima ran in, a towel around his waist, wondering what the scream was about. "What happened?" Kirishima asked. "I went a little too far. Can you give him a bath while I clean up?" Todoroki asks. Kirishima nods his head before picking up the blonde.

Todoroki cleans up and changed the sheets. He puts the stuff back in the other room and comes back. He fixes the bed with a bunch of blankets, pillows, and Bakugo's stuffed bunny. Todoroki goes to the room with Bakugo's stuff and he picks out the blonde's favorite outfit. He then goes down to the kitchen and grabs Bakugo's favorite chocolate from the fridge.

Todoroki gets back up to the room and sees the other two already sitting on the bed. They're both dressed, Bakugo with a blanket around him and his stuffed bunny in hand.

Todoroki walks over to Bakugo and offers him the chocolate. "I'm sorry..." Todoroki said. Bakugo took the chocolate and popped one in his mouth. Todoroki sighed and stood up. He was about to walk away before Bakugo grabbed his arm and yanked him on the bed. Bakugo put the blankets over them and snuggled up to Todoroki's chest. "Bitch," Bakugo muttered.

Todoroki smiled and wrapped his arms around the other two. "Yeah yeah, love you too Kat," Todoroki said.

They all cuddled up and soon fell asleep.

I hate this but here you go 😁

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