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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀
"God, work was so tiring today," Bakugo said as he made his way down the sidewalk. As he was turning the corner onto his street he heard shuffling around him. Bakugo looked around and saw a cardboard box moving around a little. He carefully walked over to the box and opened it.

When it was fully opened a small blonde dog jumped out and onto Bakugo's lap. Bakugo fell back onto his butt and grabbed the dog before it could lick his face. "Why hello there," Bakugo said.

The puppy 'yipped' and tried to lick Bakugo's face. "Oh no you don't," Bakugo said. Bakugo stood up, still holding the puppy, and inspected the box to see if there was anything in it. All he found was a Hero Deku (Deku is an actor. He played as a super hero in one of his movies) blanket and a note saying, "Please keep her."

Bakugo sighed before putting the puppy back in the box. He picked up the box and continued on his journey home. "Hope you like your new home," Bakugo said.

They made it to the house and Bakugo walked in. "Oi, I got something to show y'all!" Bakugo yelled. The other two came down the stairs, their hair a little messed up (😉). Bakugo looked them over and shook his head before walking to the living room and setting down the box.

"So what's in the box Babe?" Kirishima asked. "Well on my way home from work I found something," Bakugo said. He opened the box and the puppy jumped into his arms.

"Seriously?" Todoroki asked. Todoroki came up to the two and the puppy licked his hand. "You found him in that box?" Kirishima asked, feeling a little left out and making his way over to the others. "Yeah, I heard some shuffling, saw the box, opened it and this little girl jumped onto me," Bakugo explained.

"So... what do you wanna do with her?" Todoroki asked, already knowing the answer but wanting the blonde to say it. Bakugo looked up to Todoroki and gave him his puppy dog eyes. "Can we keep her?" Bakugo asked.

Todoroki and Kirishima chuckled before nodding their heads. "Take her tomorrow to the vet, I got work tomorrow. Go to the store after and get some food, a bed, and toys," Todoroki said. The other two nodded.

"Was there anything else in the box?" Kirishima asked. "Oh yeah! Here," Bakugo said before taking out the Hero Deku blanket. The three started to laugh. "Well alright then," Todoroki said, still laughing.

Bakugo picked up the puppy again and set her and the blanket down on the couch. The puppy instantly started to wrestle with the blanket. The three of them watched her in admiration and smiled.

"You got a name for her?" Todoroki asked, grabbing part of the blanket and playing tug-o-war with the puppy. Bakugo thought about it for a few seconds before gasping. "How about Ash?" Bakugo asked. The other two nodded their heads, liking the name as well. The puppy even 'yipped' in happiness, also liking the name. "Alright, Ash it is!" Bakugo exclaimed.

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