Birthday ( Part 1 )

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its not his real bday, i just used it for the story

🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

"C'mon! Hurry up, Kirishima!" Bakugo yelled from the front door.

Today was Izuku Midoriya's birthday and they were already 20 mins late for the party.

"Coming!" Kirishima yelled back. The redhead ran down the stairs and grabbed the blonde's hand and walked out. They met Todoroki in the car and they sped off to the greenette's apartment.

"We haven't seen him in forever! I wonder if he changed at all," Kirishima wondered out loud. Bakugo tch'd and looked out the window. "Still a fuckin' nerd," Bakugo said.

"Don't even Kat. We all know you love him. You guys think each other as brothers," Todoroki teased, looking at the blonde through the mirror. Bakugo rolled his eyes but never denied his words.

They soon made it to the apartment and Bakugo didn't waste any time in getting out and running up to the door. "At least help us with the presents!" Kirishima whined.

Midoriya instantly knew who was at the door when he heard his and Bakugo's special knock. Midoriya threw open the door and flew into the blonde's arms, knocking them both to the floor.

"Bitch!" Bakugo yelled. "Bitch!" Midoriya yelled back. (Corvette Corvette). The two looked into each other's eyes before Midoriya slapped the blonde, leaving a handprint on his cheek.

"You fucking bastard! You never call or text me anymore! What the hell is up with that!?" Midoriya yelled. Bakugo glared up at the greenette. "Seriously? You got a new phone dipshit and never gave me the new number! You contacted fucking Shitty Hair about this damn party!" Bakugo yelled back.

Midoriya stopped and thought for a second. "Oh," Midoriya said. "Well... umm thanks for coming?" Midoriya said, though it came off more as a question.

Bakugo rolled his eyes before kicking Midoriya off him. "Idiot," Bakugo muttered. "Bastard," Midoriya shot back.

The two started throwing insults left and right, laughing when they thought one was funny. They were usually like this. What can you say? They got a brotherly bond that no one can break.

After a few minutes, Midoriya and Bakugo tear up a little and they crash into each other in a big hug. "Bitch, I missed you!" Bakugo yelled, a few tears rolling down his face. "Bitch, I missed you too!" Midoriya yelled back, also crying.

The two pull away, holding each others shoulders and looking into each others eyes. "You haven't changed a bit. Except that hickey on your neck," Midoriya said, whispering the last part.

Bakugo's face exploded in red and he tried his best to cover it up. "S-shut up about that!" Bakugo exclaimed. Midoriya grabbed Bakugo's chin and turned his head in different way, getting a good look at his neck to see if there was any more.

"Who was it?" Midoriya asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Bakugo blushed, thinking of his two boyfriends. "Umm-" Bakugo was i interrupted by Todoroki. "Us," Todoroki said.

Midoriya looked behind the blonde to see the other two standing in the doorway. "I fucking knew it... Mina you owe me fifty!" Midoriya yelled over his shoulder. "Fucking damnit!" Mina yelled from somewhere in the apartment.

"Do they know about your- y'know," Midoriya asked the blonde before stepping back a few and doing ballet moves. "What the fuck are you doing?" Bakugo asked, wondering how he hasn't bleached his eyes yet.

"Oh shut up, I'm amazing! But seriously, do they know about the cross-dressing and shit?" Midoriya asked. Bakugo nodded and smiled towards his two boyfriends.

"Good. Now! Time to get fucking drunk!" Midoriya yelled, making his way to the kitchen. A few others in the room whoo'd or just yelled something.

Bakugo sighed, knowing that it would be a long night. Oh, if only he knew how that night would turn out for him.

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