First Fight

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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

"What the fuck Kirishima! You could've gotten seriously hurt! Scratch that, you did get seriously hurt!" Todoroki yelled at the redhead.

The two of them were currently yelling back and forth in the living room. Bakugo up in his room in the corner with a blanket wrapped around him and his hands covering his ears, the yelling feeling too close to home for him.

"I couldn't just sit back and watch as you got stabbed!" Kirishima fired back.

The three of them were on their way home from the store when three men ran out of a house dressed as burglars. One of the men saw the three of them and threw a knife towards Todoroki. Kirishima pulled Todoroki out of the way, the knife lodging into his lower abdomen.

"You could have died Kirishima!" Todoroki yelled. "You would have died Todoroki! Do you not understand that?" Kirishima yelled back.

The two were stood face to face with glares pointed at each other, none of them daring to back down.

"Go make sure Kat is okay. I know he's about to have a panic attack. Go calm him down," Todoroki said, starting to walk off towards the door.

"And where the hell do you think you're going?" Kirishima asked, venom in his voice. "Out," Todoroki said before walking out the front door.

Kirishima ran his hand through his hair, a big sigh leaving his mouth. "Goddamnit," Kirishima muttered. The redhead grabbed his stomach and walked up the stairs to Bakugo's room.

"Hey Bakubro... are you doing okay?" Kirishima asked as he walked in. Kirishima saw Bakugo passed out in the corner of the room, fresh tears still glistening on his face. Kirishima sighed before picking up the blonde and laying them both down.

- - - - - - - - - -

Todoroki walked out the house and made his way to his car. After getting in he slammed the door and sped out of the neighborhood. He didn't know where he was going, he just needed to get away.

He knew running away was wrong but at the moment he couldn't care less. He couldn't stand there and just watch as the redhead acted like nothing was wrong. Small tears fell down his face as he drove throughout the night.

After an hour of driving the hetero chromatic male found himself at the one place he mever thought he would see again. The hill where the three of them all met for the first time.

Todoroki got out, walking up the hill to overlook on the lake he'd swam in so many times. Down at the lake were a few people, even a large family with children swinging from the tire swing he put up years ago.

Todoroki smiled before walking down to the lake. He stood a few feet away from the family, watching the children all play and have fun. A few tears fell down his face, his feelings all over the place.

A small, short lady made her way up to Todoroki and smiled softly at him. "I can see the pain in your eyes. I want to give you something," The lady said. The lady grabbed Todoroki's hand and tugged him toward the bench she was sitting at, the same bench where the three males all carved their names in.

The lady went into her bag and brought out some painted rocks. "Ah, here we go!" The lady exclaimed. She made her way back to Todoroki and smiled as she put the rock in his hand. The rock was quite small but the painting on it was what really caught his attention. A small blonde dog running in a field of flowers towards a man.

"Please, keep it," The lady said. She went and sat down at the bench, gesturing for Todoroki to sit as well. Todoroki smiled softly and wiped at his eyes before sitting down.

"Thank you... this is really beautiful," Todoroki said, looking down at the rock. The lady smiled and nodded her head. "I felt like you needed it more than me," The lady said.

It went quiet for a few minutes, not an akward silence, just breathing in everything around them.

"I used to go here all the time growing up. I was the person who put up that tire swing. I also see that me and my boyfriends' names are still carved on this," Todoroki softly said, thumbing over the carved names in the wood.

The lady smiled softly. "I can see you love them very much but there also seems to be pain behind your words," The lady said. Todoroki stiffened slightly before racking his hand through his hair.

"Me and one of them got into a fight today and I left. An hour after driving I wound up here. The place where we all met and spent most of our time at," Todoroki said.

The lady nodded her head. "Well there's only two things you can do: stay here and feel sad for yourself, or go back and go make things right," The lady said.

Todoroki's eyes widened, asking himself why he was still sitting at this bench with this lady instead of with his boyfriends.

Todoroki stood up from the bench and nodded his head. "I need to go and fix things. Lady, thank you so much!" Todoroki said, determination flaring in his eyes.

The lady chuckled and nodded her head. "Go get em, sonny," The lady said with a smile. Todoroki bowed for a quick moment before running back up the hill to his car. He got in and quickly sped down the streets, wanting his boyfriends to be in his arms as soon as possible.

The lady leaned back and watched her grandchildren still playing on the tire swing. "Good luck... Shoto."

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