First Date

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This was supposed to be published on Feb 22nd but that's my birthday and I slept all day lol

🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

"Ready to go?" Todoroki asked, extending his hand for Bakugo to take. "Yup. Let's go," Bakugo said, smiling. "C'mon Kiri," Todoroki said. "Coming!" Kirishima yelled, running down the stairs.

The three of them were all in casual clothes, hoodies and jeans to be exact. The night before, Kirishima and Todoroki sat down while Bakugo was at work and talked about the date. They decided it would be best to just eat at a cafe and then go to the park nearby.

"So, where we going?" Bakugo asked. "Should we surprise him or should we just tell him?" Kirishima asked. Todoroki thought for a minute before smirking. "Surprise him. He needs a little adventure in his life." Todoroki said.

Kirishima chuckled slightly while Bakugo pouted. "No fair," Bakugo said. "Deal with it, Kitten," Todoroki said, leaning down and whispering the last word in the blonde's ear. Bakugo shivered before pushing Todoroki's head away. "Baka!" Bakugo growled.

Todoroki chuckled before the three of them crossed the street. "We're going to Axel's (random name) aren't we?" Bakugo asked. Kirishima smiled before nodding his head. "How'd you know?" Kirishima asked. "Idiot. I should know the way to my favorite diner like the back of my hand!" Bakugo exclaimed.

"C'mon, let's go in," Todoroki said as they walked up to the doors. Todoroki opened the doors and ushered the two inside. "Hello! Welcome to Axel's, table for three?" A brunette said from behind a kiosk.

"Yes please," Todoroki said. The brunette smiled and got out three menus before walking off. The three followed the girl to a booth and sat down. "Your waiter will be Angel. Would you like anything to drink?" She asked.

"Water please," Todoroki said. "Rootbeer," Kirishima said. "Lemonade," Bakugo said. The girl nodded before walking off.

"Alright, let me guess! You're gonna get the two enchiladas with extra beans and guacamole on the side?" Kirishima said. Bakugo let out a chuckle before nodding his head. "I get it every time," Bakugo said.

The brunette came back with their drinks and smiled before leaving. Another girl came up to their table and asked if they were ready to order. They ordered their food and soon left after eating.

"Mmm. That was good!" Bakugo said, sighing in content. "Glad you liked it," Todoroki said. "Come on! We got another place to go to," Kirishima said.

Bakugo looked at the redhead in confusion. "We're going somewhere else?" Bakugo asked. "Yup. We can work off our full stomachs!" Kirishima said. "Alright?" Bakugo said.

The three of them headed off to the park, making small talk on the way. "What do you mean!? Peter and MJ would make such an adorable couple!" Bakugo exclaimed. "What!? Dude no way!" Kirishima said.

The two continued to bicker before Bakugo realized where they were. "The park?" Bakugo asked excitement heard in his voice. "Yup. We thought you'd like to come feel like a kid again. Care free, no worries," Kirishima said.

Bakugo smiled a big smile and ran off towards the swings. "Sho come push me!" Bakugo shouted like a little kid. Todoroki chuckled before making his way over to Bakugo with the redhead. Todoroki started to push the blonde while him and Kirishima talked.

"Having fun? I know we are only doing stuff he would like but what about you? Are you having fun?" Todoroki asked. Kirishima smiled and nodded his head. "Of course. Seeing him happy makes me happy. I don't need a date specially made for me to have fun," Kirishima said.

Todoroki nodded and pushed the blonde again. "Alright. I'm just making sure. I want you both to have fun tonight," Todoroki said. All of a sudden Bakugo jumped off the swing and landed in the sand. Todoroki got scared when he didnt feel Bakugo come back and looked forward to see the blonde in the sand. "Really?" Todoroki asked.

Bakugo giggled before smiling at the two and making his way back over. "Haven't done it in a while," Bakugo explained. Kirishima smiled before seeing the ice cream booth not too far away. "Anyone up for ice cream?" Kirishima asked.

- - - - - - - - - -

The night ended in all three of them falling asleep cuddled on the couch, Frozen 2 still playing on the tv.

Before he fell asleep, Bakugo smiled to himself, knowing long before they confessed that he wanted to spend his life with those two.

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