Their Pasts

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Trigger Warnings:
Abuse, Drinking, Homophobia, Mental Illness, Rape.

🗿 Kirishima 🗿

Kirishima grew up with his mother and step mom and also his dad.

His dad was found cheating on Kirishima's mom with his secretary so they divorced.

Years later, Kirishima's mom met Angela. 2 years later, they married.

( I have no idea what his actual parents names are, or even if his mother is with another woman. please bear with me lol )

Kirishima's mother was always kind, his step mom too. They accepted him no matter what and always cared about him.

His father... well he wasn't very accepting. Ever since Kirishima could remember, his father was always putting him down. Always complaining about something. Could be how Kirishima's hair looked or how he was standing.

Even though his father kept tearing him down, Kirishima never let his smile falter in front of anyone.

When he was 14, he came out to his mom and step mom as gay. They supported him and even threw a coming out party.

The day of the party, Kirishima's dad came over to talk to his ex-wife. When he saw the rainbow colored theme, he slapped Kirishima the second he got close enough to. His mother called the police and his father has been in prison since.

Kirishima suffers with depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

💥 Bakugo 💥

Bakugo's mother was very abusive mentally, verbally, and physically. A few times before Bakugo turned 10, his mother r☆ped Bakugo.

( if any of you think that women can't rape males, gtfo my story )

She liked to drink a lot. She would wake up and the first thing going down her throat was beer. Then she'd get ready for work and go. Then come back and drink till she passed out.

Bakugo's father was working as much as he could, almost always taking double shift.

Because of the abuse and neglect Bakugo developed hatred towards the world, especially his mother and father.

A lot of times, Bakugo would spend the night at Izuku's house. Sometimes it was just a night, sometimes it was even a month.

Feeling like something is up at his house, Inko went and visited her old friends house. After seeing the multiple beer bottles and a few blood stains, Inko knew what was going on and called the cops.

Bakugo's mom was taken to prison and his dad was taken to jail. His dad is currently out of jail. Bakugo was adopted into the Midoroya household and makes sure to visit them from time to time. Him and Midoriya are friends.

Bakugo suffers from PTSD, anger issues, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

❄ Todoroki 🔥

Todoroki's father was abusive towards Shoto and Touya. Natsuo and Fuyumi were treated like royalty by their father.

Shoto's mom suffered with a few mental illnesses. When Shoto was 5, his mom poured boiling water on his left eye which gave him a permanent scar.

Shoto's mom was sent off to an asylum a few years later when Touya turned 18. When his father found out, he was beaten almost to death. His father decided to stab Shoto as well.

Police were called by the neighbors when they heard screams and Shoto's dad was put in prison on a life sentence.

Touya was in a coma for about 2 years after the incident. Shoto visiting him whenever he could, sometimes even bringing Bakugo or Kirishima.

Natsuo and Fuyumi grew hatred towards Shoto and Touya. In their eyes those two were the reason both parents were gone. They kicked Touya and Shoto out of the house.

Enji's company was run under a close family friend until Touya was ready to take over, him being the oldest and all. Shoto was soon hired and makes $105k a year, he pays most of the bills while Kirishima and Bakugo use their money for the groceries.

( so like Shoto pays all of the house bills and stuff while the other two pay for the groceries and whenever they order take-out/delivery. Since Shoto makes so much a year, he still has a bunch of money left over every month after paying bills. If he didnt pay all of the house bills, the other two wouldn't be making enough to pay them. Shoto wants the other two to have extra money, like him, so thats why they agreed on him paying bills and them paying groceries )

Shoto suffers from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and abandonment issues.

personally, i have all of their mental illnesses. I just incorporated what i have into them.

( depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, anger issues, abandonment issues, and insomnia )

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