Feelings? (Part 2)

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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

The two taller males stepped back from each other. Hands racing up to their chests, on the bottom step of the stairs sat Katsuki Bakugo, still in his t-shirt and boxers. Stuffed Bunny in hand.

"When the hell did you get there?" Todoroki asked, slightly pissed that the blonde wasn't sleeping. "Been here the whole time. Five minutes after Kirishima left I came down and heard you guys expressing your undying love for each other." Bakugo said, a yawn following.

"Well should we talk about this now or later? We both like you, and we like each other, but you still seem dead tired. I can tell you're trying to cover up your softy side with the sarcastic remarks, it's not working Bakubro." Kirishima said.

"Now. Then it's off to bed and this time I'm gonna make sure you fall asleep. I'll fuck the tiredness into you if I have to." Todoroki threatened. "Woah Sho! You can't just say that!" Kirishima said, a blush growing across his face. "He knows we like him now, and he's obviously sexually active with the way his browser history looks like." Todoroki shot back.

Bakugo, having a gay panic at the thought of Todoroki fucking him, coughed and got the attention of the other two. "Can we just talk about us now." Bakugo said. "Sure. But you're going to sleep after we're done talking." Todoroki said. Bakugo growled softly to himself but nodded his head.

"We also gotta talk about you sleeping habits too." Kirishima said. Bakugo flinched slightly, knowing what they were gonna ask. "Whatever. Let's just get it done with." Bakugo said, getting up and sitting down at a barstool.

"So," Todoroki started. "you know we both like you so what do you feel about us?" Todoroki asked. Bakugo sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I like you both too. I have since second year actually." Bakugo admitted.

"Damn, I didn't realize I liked you guys until fourth year. What the hell." Todoroki said, chuckling a little. Kirishima and Bakugo both laughed. "So... what do you guys want to do about this?" Todoroki asked.

"Do you guys want to try out a relationship between the tree of us?" Kirishima asked. "I'm up for that. Kat?" Todoroki said. Bakugo thought for a minute before speaking. "Take me out on a date first." Bakugo said.

Todoroki smirked, knowing Bakugo would say that. "Alright. Now, do you want it to be all fancy-dancy or something more laid back?" Todoroki asked. "I don't know. You tell me." Bakugo said, smirking.

Todoroki sighed but nodded his head. "Let's plan it tomorrow?" Todoroki asked Kirishima. "Sure thing. We gotta make this the best date if we wanna make him ours." Kirishima said. "Alright. Now," Todoroki said. "we need to talk about your sleeping habits."

Bakugo flinched, not wanting this talk. "Are the nightmares back?" Todoroki asked. Bakugo looked down, nodding his head after a few seconds. Todoroki sighed before going over and giving the blonde a hug. "I thought you said you were gonna come to one of us if they came back, Kat." Todoroki said.

"I know but... I didn't want to bother you guys." Bakugo said. Todoroki sighed before picking the blonde up. "Hey! Wha-" Bakugo stuttered. Todoroki threw the blonde over his shoulder and made his way up the stairs. "We had our talk. Now it's time to sleep. Kiri, come on." Todoroki said. "Coming!" Kirishima said.

"Sighhhhhhhh." Bakugo said.

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