Sleepy Blonde

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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

Bakugo is walking down to the kitchen. His clothes consist of a very long t-shirt that reaches down to his lower thighs, boxers, and fuzzy socks. In his hand is an orange bunny with really long ears that is being dragged on the ground by one of it's ears. It's currently 7am and Bakugo just woke up, still really tired.

Bakugo made it to the kitchen and started to make pancakes. Because of his tiredness, he added too much water and didn't add enough flour. Todoroki, watching the blonde from the living room, saw that he messed up and decided to come interfere.

"Here. Let me make em." Todoroki said. Todoroki stopped when he saw the blinde's outift though, a blush spreading across his face. In the living room he only saw the upper half of Bakugo because of the counter.

Bakugo yawned before nodding. "Okay." Bakugo went off to sit on one of their barstools, grabbing his stuffed bunny on the way. Todoroki watched Bakugo, wondering why he was acting like that but also kinda liking it.

"Strawberries, and whipped cream with a little bit of caramel drizzle, right?" Todoroki asked. "Yes please." Bakugo said, a yawn following after. Todoroki froze. 'Did he say please??' Todoroki thought.

"Hey guys! Woah- is that pancakes!? Thanks Sho!" Kirishima said, walking through the door that connects the kitchen and backyard. Kirishima works out in the backyard every morning.

"Can you check Kat for a fever?" Todoroki asked Kirishima. "Uhh. Sure?" Kirishima said. Kirishima walked over to Bakugo and felt his forehead. "A little warm. But I don't think it's a fever. He usually feels like this." Kirishima said.

Todoroki nodded and placed 3 pancakes on a plate and then fixed it up the way Bakugo likes it. Todoroki slid the plate in front of Bakugo and the blonde started eating. "Thank you." Bakugo said.

"Woah. He just said thank you!" Kirishima whisper-yelled to Todoroki. Todoroki nodded his head. "He said please earlier too! What's wrong with him?" Todoroki said. Kirishima shrugged and took the plate of pancakes from Todoroki's hands.

"Hey Kat. Are you feeling okay?" Todoroki asked, fixing a plate of pancakes for himself. "Hmm? Oh. Uh yeah, I'm fine." Bakugo said. "What time did you get to bed last night?" Kirishima asked. "..."

"Katsuki... what time did you go to bed last night?" Todoroki asked. "Umm. I think around eleven?" Bakugo said. "Don't lie to me." Todoroki said, towering over the blonde. Bakugo visibly gulped and tried to back up a little. "W-what do you mean? I'm not lying." Bakugo said.

"I know when you're lying. Now. What time did you go to bed last night?" Todoroki said, grabbing Bakugo's chin to force him to look at him. Bakugo blushed and tried to move his head but Todoroki just held on tighter. "Fine! It was around four! Happy!?" Bakugo said, close to tears.

Todoroki sighed, letting go of Bakugo. Bakugo got off the stool and ran to Kirishima, falling into his arms, crying. Kirishima held the crying boy while looking at Todoroki. Todoroki ran his hand through his hair and leaned his back against the counter.

"Go take him to bed and make sure he falls asleep. When he does, we need to talk." Todoroki said. Kirishima nodded and smiled softly before picking the blonde up and going to his room.

20 minutes later Kirishima comes down the stairs. "He asleep?" Todoroki asked. "Yeah, he fell asleep about ten minutes ago. Clung to me like a koala, haha." Kirishima said. Todoroki smiled before sitting down at a barstool.

"What do you think of sleeping together?" Todoroki asked. A dark blush spread across Kirishima's face. "Not like that Kiri." Todoroki said, covering his face with his hands, sighing. "I meant like sleeping sleeping. You know, eight hours a night sleeping." Todoroki explained.

"Oh." Kirishima said, a hint of disappointment in his voice. "You remember back in UA when Kat had issues with insomnia because of his... past. I think it's coming back, which would mean that his nightmares are back." Todoroki said.

"So you want to do what we did back at UA? Where one of us sleep with him at night to make sure he's okay?" Kirishima asked. "Yeah but I was wondering if you would be okay with all of us sleeping at night. We would ask Kat of course but I wanted to ask you first." Todoroki said, a faint blush spreading scross his face.

"I have a question first." Kirishima said. "Sure. Go ahead." Todoroki asked. "Do... do you have feelings for Bakubro?" Kirishima asked.

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