Work Is Stressful

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( i listen to the music vids while i write and the song Faster Car came on and I got all happy bc I love that song and also, y'know, Aphmau. but then i got disappointed by the language change lol. i still liked it though )

🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

Work has been stressful lately for Todoroki. Working under his older brother's, Touya's, company can get stressful when paperwork likes to pile up all of a sudden. Some people just love to not do their jobs and push it onto someone else.

"Fucking Keigo. I swear to god if he stares at my brother's ass one more time." Todoroki scowled out, walking up to the front door of his house. "And then there's fucking Shigaraki. Creep likes to put his hands on my brother whenever he fucking gets the chance to." Todoroki growls.

Todoroki makes it into the house and goes straight to his room, ignoring the other two who were trying to get his attention. Todoroki gets to his room and slams the door closed before sighing and sliding his back down the door.

"Hey Sho. Are you okay?" Kirishima asked from the other side of the door. "Not really but I'm fine." Todoroki answered back. "Do you want anything? I can go get it." Kirishima offered. "No. I'm fine Kiri." Todoroki said.

Todoroki heard Kirishima walk off so he got up and layed down on his bed. Todoroki just closed his eyes when his door was kicked in by none-other than Katsuki Bakugo himself.

Startled, Todoroki jumped a little and looked back to see Bakugo walking into the room with two pastel pink, big, fluffy blankets. "Move over." Bakugo said. Todoroki, confused, moved over a little.

Kirishima walked in with his computer and a few snacks. Kirishima walked over to the bed and layed down on the other side of Todoroki, back against the wall. Bakugo stood next to the bed and jumped, landing himself on top of Todoroki with the blankets.

"Seriously?" Todoroki asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. "We are going to cuddle and watch Netflix while eating snacks. I will not let you be sad and stressed without me." Bakugo said.

Todoroki chuckled slightly and sighed before running his hand through Bakugo's hair. "I guess I should say thanks then." Todoroki said, smiling. "You better." Bakugo fake-threatened.

Kirishima got onto Netflix and started Todoroki's favorite movie, The Little Mermaid. The three of them positioned themselves into comfortable positions and watched the movie.

Todoroki smiled to himself softly, liking this feeling he has in his stomach at the moment. He truly couldn't think of how life would be without those two. Maybe his feelings were a bit deeper for them then he realized...


( i know The Little Mermaid is not on Netflix. i just put it in there for the plot )

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