Movie Nights

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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

"Give me the fucking remote Kirishima!" Bakugo yelled, leaning over Todoroki trying to get to Kirishima. "No way dude! It's my turn this week!" Kirishima fired back, almost falling off the side of the couch. "At least pick something else then! We just watched The Meg last week!" Bakugo yelled.

Todoroki sighed, used to this but also flinching a little at all the human contact he's receiving. "Guys can we just, like, not fight right now?" Todoroki asks. Bakugo and Kirishima both stop and stare at the hetero chromatic male. "No." They both answered before going back to their bickering.

Todoroki growled before shoving the blonde off of him and getting up from the couch. Todoroki walked to the kitchen and started the coffee machine. 'Always acting like children... it's just a damn movie. Why are they always fighting over it. Kiri just give the remote to Kat-' Todoroki's thoughts were interrupted when Bakugo came barreling into the kitchen.

"Sho. Please tell Shitty Hair that he JUST had his choice last week! It's my turn now!" Bakugo complained. "Kiri just give it to Kat." Todoroki said. The coffee maker made a beeping sound to signal that it was done and Todoroki poured himself a cup.

Bakugo picked up Todoroki and threw him over his shoulder. "Kat, if you don't put me down right now I will pour this cup of coffee down your back." Todoroki threatened. "Nope. One, I'm bringing you back to the couch, I wanna cuddle. Two, I know you won't hurt me on purpose." Bakugo said.

Todoroki sighed as Bakugo stood in front of the couch, giving Todoroki a chance to put his coffee down on the table. "Fine. Just put me down." Todoroki said. Bakugo smirked before dropping Todoroki onto the couch. Todoroki bounced a little before laying his head on Kirishima's lap. "I will kill you someday." Todoroki said.

Bakugo came and layed down on top of Todoroki. "Like you could live without me." Bakugo teased. Todoroki rolled his eyes but a small smile settled on his mouth. 'You're right, I couldn't.' Todoroki thought.

The three of them got settled, cuddling on the couch. They all decided to watch Criminal Minds since they couldn't decide on a movie.

"I swear to god if that boy hurts that little girl, I'll kill him myself!" Bakugo threatened, a yawn following after he was done. They were currently watching season 2 episode 6.

Kirishima and Todoroki both looked down to the blonde and smiled. "Of course you would Kat." Todoroki said softly, noticing that Bakugo was about to fall asleep. Knowing that it calms him down, Todoroki ran his. hand through the blonde's hair. It was surprisingly really soft despite it's spiky look. Soon, Bakugo fell into a deep sleep.

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