Chapter 4

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        "Sarah are you ready? We've been here all night. She's dead face it!" Peter lectured.

        "Alright let's go, but where do we go? We have no parents," she said.

        "We need to go back to the house! Trust me," Peter responded.

        Sarah followed Peter out the door hesitating with each step. She couldn't comprehend that her mother was dead. They sat in their parents car, and drove away.

        Once they pulled up to the house; they were struck by the sight of the yellow police tape covering half the house.

        "Why did they put all this tape up?" Sarah questioned.

        "Our house is a crime scene," he said

        Sarah got out of the car, and ran into the abandoned house. Peter followed her to keep her from doing anything dangerous. Sarah stared in horror at the floors, and walls that were covered in blood. Peter touched the still wet blood on the wall, and he got the feeling he got from when he cut himself in the bathroom. The rush like he was on a roller-coaster was strong.

        "I...I'll be back don't get hurt," Peter hesitated

        Peter ran upstairs took the knife out if his drawer, and walked back down r the stairs hiding it behind his back. He got hungrier for blood with every step. The space between him, and his sister was so short. All he had to do was bring the knife into the back of her neck; watch the warm gooey blood drip out of her slowly.

        Just before Peter stabbed her he came to his senses, and his the knife before she saw him. Peter must control his urges if he wants to protect her. Suddenly the phone rang. Sarah put it on speaker...

        " I see Skipper finally had the guts to finish your parents off after all," he concluded with a raspy tone. "Better watch your back not everyone trying to kill you will be alive. See you tomorrow!" the mysterious man hung up.

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