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𝖠𝗍𝗅𝖺𝗇𝗍𝖺, 𝖦𝖠
𝖣𝖾𝖼𝖾𝗆𝖻𝖾𝗋 𝟣𝟩, 𝟤𝟢𝟤𝟢
𝟥:𝟤𝟣 𝖠.𝖬.

"NELLY!" Imani yelled his name while she was in her room.

He ran in there and jumped on her bed. "Yes?" He asked.

"I don't have my pills, imma give myself away." She started overthinking.

"I don't know why you didn't tell them. They not gon judge you or nothin." He shrugged as he started playing with her unicorn toy.

"I don't know that. It's embarrassing as fuck, I barely even wanted to tell you." She stressed.

"They gon find out anyways." He stated and she rolled her eyes.

"That's not the point. Imma just stay in my room until we gotta do that stupid mission." She ranted, pasting back and forth.

"That's the dumbest plan I've ever heard." He stared at her.

"Do you have any suggestions?" She asked.

"YES. Tell them!" He said. "Did I not just say that like 5 times?" He asked.

"No." She said then he threw his arms up.

"Don't tell the niggas then. I'm finna go get me something to eat." He got off of her bed then walked out.

"Fat ass." She mumbled.

"Hey bae." Pooter said walking into Lea's room, she just stared at him.

"What's wrong?" He said trying not to laugh at her face.

"You got somebody pregnant, Parlon?" She tilted her head.

"...no?" He said and she threw her flat iron at him.

"Why is you lying ? I just went through your phone dumbass." She said walking up to him.

"I was gon tell you." He said and she just stared at him.

"Veah know." He said. "AYE VEAH!" He called her into the room.

"Ye-" she seen Lea's face and turned around. "Nope, I don't need this negativity in my life right now." She walked out.

"How long she been pregnant, Surge?" She asked calling him by his middle name.

"If you read the messages, you shouldn't seen how long she was pregnant for." He mumbled.

"She bout 4 months." He said and she looked at him like he was crazy.

"Pooter you got me fucked up-" all of a sudden somebody started banging on the front door.

"IT'S THE POPO! HIDE THE DRUGS!" Nelly yelled running across the living room.

"Weon got no drugs dumbass." Mani rolled her eyes, looking through the peephole.

"It's some people.. ion trust it. LOYAL !" Mani yelled and Loyal came out his room, rolling his eyes.

"Yes?" He asked.

"It's some people outside." Mani said and Loyal moved Mani out the way and looked through the peephole.

"Aw fuck." He mumbled.

"Go tell them upstairs to get they guns and come down." He said and Mani nodded and went to tell them.

"Y'all be quiet and go out the basement door." He spoke lowly and they nodded and did what was told.

And all of a sudden, bullets started flying.



Yall missed me ?? I know y'all did

"I've been feeling so unappreciated (old enough)Everything I do, it ain't enough (ain't enough)I'd been lied to, I done fell in love (fell in love)

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"I've been feeling so unappreciated (old enough)
Everything I do, it ain't enough (ain't enough)
I'd been lied to, I done fell in love (fell in love)."

"What the fuck is up with you
Don't make me slap the fuck out you (let me tell you)
Push me to the limit and I might go."

542 words 🧍🏽‍♀️.

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