Just the beginning

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Lakes POV:
I awoke with my spandex and sports bra sopping with sweat and read 2:03 AM on my phone. It all happened so fast! One moment I was kissing the love of my life the next we were both dead. A hard crash and the sound of shattering glass along with the sensation of the glass tearing my skin. My eyes were welled with tears as it flashed back. I had been having this dream for years and still it all felt so real. Every time I had this dream I could never get a clear look at my lovers face and it always made me wonder. I heard footsteps in the hall and sat up straight. Before I could get up I remembered I was staying at my friend Sky's house and her older brother Kahleb walked in. He was handsome with his dark gray eyes and Carmel colored hair. As he came closer I noticed he was half asleep and had a worried look on his face. He whispered "are you okay"in a raspy voice. I nodded my head I guess I didn't realized I had screamed. He sat at the edge of the bed and put his hand on my knee. He smiled and asked "do you want me to stay" I broke out of my daze in which I was staring at his perfectly shaped abbs and how his biceps flexed when he moved. I quickly managed to say "please". He layed on my left side and put his arm on my waist pulling me closer to his bare skin. I couldn't help but smile as he barried his head in my neck. Kahleb has always thought I was beautiful and we've always had a tight bond since me and Sky have been friends.
I woke up to Kahleb running his fingers through my brown sun bleached hair. I opened my eyes to see his dark grey eyes watching me carefully as if he were holding a butterfly that might fly out of his hands if he made a wrong move. He always treated me different from other girls and I liked that. His voice was smooth as he spoke the words "good morning gorgeous."
I flashed him a seductive smile and said "gorgeous? Wow what runs through that mind of yours?" He rested his head on his hand making his muscles visible. I stared so hard and wanted to wonder his body with my hands. As if reading my mind he grabbed my hand and set my palm on his abbs and kept lowering my hands until I was at the hem of his boxers. He put his lips close too my ear and he was breathing hard from our sensual moment. "That's what goes through my mind," his words sent a shiver down my spine and for a solid moment we just stared at each other. That moment of silence was interrupted by Sky's voice as she walked in. " I don't even want to know what happened but incase you didn't know its 10 and it's the first day of summer! Hello get up!" I quickly moved my hand off of Kahlebs lower stomach. "Nothing is going on here" I tried to say in the most calmest voice. I spent most of my time at her house because she was my absolute best friend! She understood me and didn't judge me or the choices I have made. Her parents are barely even home and neither are mine so I always have time to bond with her.

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