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Mirror, gleaming glass on display, i look at him like a mirror,

can he love me? like a mirror showing true beauty,

I see his beauty, clearly displayed.

like a mirror mounted on the wall Istand before him, waiting to be noticed.

Yet, he stands correct, unmoved,no emotion reflected on his face.

His eyes like diamonds shine,

Love is reflected within but for who.

Yes, his choice, his mirror,

Her the girl next door,

Beauty beholds,

hands clasped together a memory not easily forgotten,

like a mirror always present and unhidden.


Happy to have known love,

short but worth millions,

Now it's time to look upon the mirror a new.

To dust it and make it sparkle.

To move on, shower more love to another.

Let new love shine through,

To have new mirror look upon to.

As to dwell on past hurt, kills the joy of a new love never to move on.

His mirror an opportunity to find another.

A mirror full of love, love reflected from within.

by Mariam Furaha

THANKS to everyone who has and is reading my poems its greatly appreciated. thank you for your support. Comment on the poems would love to read your thoughts on them.

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