Chapter 7

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At one point they had crashed in Jenn's living room with empty pizza boxes and fancy take-out containers everywhere.

Iggy was out first. He was lying on the couch with a blanket Jenn had given him and Leica in between in legs with his head across Iggy's thigh. Iggy had his arm over his eyes and he snored quietly. Every now and then, Leica would sigh out of contentment.

Jenn found herself curled up in the chair. It wasn't a recliner but it was either this or the floor and as soft and fluffy the carpet looked, it was far from it.

Jenn woke up to the sun through her big windows and her legs were over the side of the chair.

She got up and fed Leica and then took him for a walk, hoping Iggy was the type to sleep in. He looked like it.


Luckily he was. Iggy didn't wake up until long after Jenn and Leica got back from their walk. Jenn was up in her studio painting with her music playing quietly for his benefit. Normally it would be neighbors-complaining level.

She softly sang along as she painted a colorful water color of Leica.

"'Cause I've been trying way too long,

To try and be the perfect song,

When our hearts are heavy burdens,

We shouldn't have to bear alone."

She glanced down at Leica and he wagged his tail panting and she smiled.

"So goodnight moon,

And goodnight you,

When you're all that I think about

All that I dream about

How'd I ever breathe without?"

Jenn dipped her brush in the blue and added it to picture Leica's nose.

"A goodnight kiss

From goodnight you,

The kind of hope they all talk about

The kind of feeling we sing about

Sit in our bedroom and read aloud,

Like a passage from goodnight moon"

Sighing Jenn got up and took a step back from her painting, wiping her hands off on a washcloth as she compared it to Leica.

"Well, Leica," she started, looking from him and back. "You certainly have been the most adorable model I've drawn. And quite possibly the most patient."

"Doesn't sound like you've been drawing too many decent models."

Jenn jumped at the voice and turned to see Iggy on the stairs.

"I haven't, really."

"Why not draw me, then?" He said, striking a pose. "I'm both adorable and patient. Well not really the patient part. But I won't judge you if you do a bad job," he laughed. Gesturing towards his eyes, "I can't even see."

Jenn giggled and agreed. "Maybe I will. You hungry?"

"I'm always hungry. You?"

"So am I."

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