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I've been dying to write a werewolf story and I finally figured out my plot, so here it is.


I read over my work a few times but I am not perfect so there will be mistakes in my work, sorry for that in advance.


Many many years ago...

Amelia's fate was sealed before she could even form words properly. Like most high ranked females her mate was already chosen for her. With the recent sudden passing of Alpha Canon, her father Alvin Canon, the last male cousin of the now dead alpha, was chosen to be the new Winter Lands Alpha.

From an early age, Amelia knew she was different. With her mom constantly being a raging a bitch to her for no reason and the fact that no one talked to her was a dead give away that she was not a normal alpha's daughter, well that and the whispers in the wind and the vivid visions she was always seeing.

Being the only girl of her parent's three children it was up to her to get the Winter Land pack the connections it needed into other packs for resources, something the late alpha failed at doing.

Across the nation, in a much warmer place, a throne for an alpha was being taken away instead of given away. Liam Bowen's life was turned upside down at just the tender age of eight. Liam's uncle Gyrus filled with jealousy of his twin brother's alpha status stormed the Summer Land packs with a band of rogues. Gyrus dethroned and killed Liam's father Cyrus and took his innocent mother's life too. Gyrus believed that Liam and Lathan, Cyrus's two twin boys, were dead which wasn't exactly the case.

Liam fled the Summer Lands with his sightly insane uncle Cye and together they would hide out in the Fire-Crest pack just next door to the Summer Land pack, a debt he would surely have to repay Alpha Carr of the Fire-Crest pack. There Liam would wait and train ruthlessly until he's 18 and take back the land that was rightfully his.

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