Chapter 1

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I was sitting in my desk, tapping and tapping my fingers nervously. I hope my report card is better than it was last time, I thought, my thigh still hurts. Then I touched it where the the bruise was and winced. "Ok class, I have your report cards, so when I call your name, come up and receive it." Mrs. Hogans called the first kid up. Ricky. Then the next kid. Elizabeth. Then the next kid and the next kid, until I was up. I got out of my seat, slowly grabbed my report card, then walked back to my desk. "Hey, sexy", Noah yelled in my ear and almost made me fall out the seat. "Jeez, Noah. You almost scared me half to death", I said, but he ignored my comment and kept on talking. "I got all B's and one D, he he", he said impressed with himself. "What you got", he asked me." I don't know I didn't check it yet." "Weeell open up missy! Papa want to see", he said like he was high. "Ok", I said nervously. I slowly opened my report card, then read the numbers. 100, 100, 100, 99, 100,....oh no. I got a 97. "Whoa hoo! Look at you! Gettin' a's up in here", he said. "No, I'm so dead! I can't get lower than a 99! I....I can't believe this...", I whispered. "What do you me....ooooh. Don't worry. If he try's any tricks i'll...." "No, you can't do anything", I said, cutting him off. "Remember last time you tried to 'help'. You punched him square in the nose, then he called the cops on you! I can't let that happen again. I'll....I'll just have to face him an..." "No!", he billowed, cutting me off this time and a little loud. Some people were starting to stare. "I...I won't let you face him alone....not by your self." "Noah, theres nothing you can do, but thanks for trying, really", and when no one was looking, I kissed him on the cheek. The bell rang and I immediately fast walked out the room leaving Noah with a sad face.

I was getting off the bus, when I was tripped by a leg in the middle of the bus and fell on my wrist. "Ahhh", I winced and got up. Everyone was laughing at me, so I hurried off the bus and ran straight to my house. I check my wrist to see if it was broken or not. It was bruised all over and I couldn't really move or feel it. I sighed, got my keys out, unlocked the door and walked in. Then I report card. But before I could go up to my room my dad called me. I gulped. "Hello sweetie, how's was your day", he asked me in a creepy voice. He was sitting in his chair in the living room. He was always in his chair when I got home. "It was...fine. I got my report card today", I said so nervously that I was quiet as a mouse. Thank god though that he heard me. "That's good. Let me see it." So I grabbed it out my backpack, gave it to him and stepped back. Then I saw the big gun lying in the corner. I gulped. I turned back to my dad. He looked up at me with an unreadable expression on his face. "What is this 96", he said quietly. "Well, it's science is pretty hard..." "Hard", he curt me off. "Hard is not an excuse for THIS!", he yelled. I flinched. I new this would happen. "THIS IS NOT EXCEPTABLE!" Then he walked up and punched me in my nose with a crack, then I fell to the floor. Dizzy, I whimpered back to my feet, blood all over my face. He walked to get his gun, came back and yelled, "YOU STUPID GIRL!" and hit me with the butt of the gun in my face. I fell to the floor. I tried to get up, but he hit me again and again and again, till my face was covered in blood and my mouth full of it. I spit the blood out, with tears falling from my eyes, and tried to pull myself up again, but he kicked me in my stomach. I couldn't take it any more. "Please, please stop! I'm sorry! I'll...I'll do better I promise! Just please stop!", I said grabbing his leg and started to ball. "Oh shshsh, it's ok darling", he said and picked me up, going up the stairs. "You know I love you right?" I couldn't speak because my mouth was so full of blood and swollen, but I knew if I didn't respond I'd get hit again, so I nodded my head on his shoulder. "I'm only beating you because I love you, sweatie." Then he opened the door and latex me on the bed, then said, "Gets some rest", then closed the door and left. I started to cry. And cry and cry till I couldn't any more. I got up and wobbled to the bathroom and threw up blood. When I was done I cleaned and rinsed my mouth out, then spit out blood. My blood. I looked up to the mirror and almost threw up again. My face was all swollen and purple. And my eyes were red where the white should be. Not from crying, but from the beatings. Then I checked my wrist and saw it was swollen and bruised too. I started to cry again. Hard cry. I hate this place. And I hate my father.


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